Title: Pinkwing and the Prime-Controller # 1

Title: Pinkwing and the Prime-Controller # 1
Publisher: Short Fuse
Created, Written and Illustrated by: Ramel “Rocket Man” Hill
Price: $ 4.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Website: www.shortfusemediagroup.com/
Comments: Duncan and Ruby are to very young super-heroes. They are children yet they stand against a threatening mutant dinosaur. This brother and sister team are willing to stand up and fight. The mutant dinosaur is not explained this issue other than to say its not from Earth.
We skip back in time and see Duncan and Ruby playing, they are just ordinary kids. Than something starts to happen. The kids are frightened. They do act and we see them come up to almost were the comic started off.
The two kids are illustrated amazingly. You will feel drawn to them as children and super-heroes. The comic does draw you in so you do want to see more and know more about these two. The brother and sister team is handled beautifully.
There is a mysterious woman in the background so we are left wondering what her part in all this is. Also why these two children were pulled to her.
What exactly is going on here? A little bit more of a hint would have been nice to see.
Duncan and Ruby though are just so cute and they have a great chemistry together. These kids will make great heroes.

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