Title: Northstars Volume One: Welcome to Snowville! (HC)

Title: Northstars Volume One: Welcome to Snowville! (HC)
Publisher: Action Lab Comics
Story & Flatting: Jim & Haigen Shelley
Art, Colors & Letters: Anna Liisa Jones
Price: $ 14.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Website: www.actionlabcomics.com
Comments: Chapter One: At the North Pole exists the land called Polaris. Now there exists in Polaris the town of Snowville where yes you guested it Santa lives.
Santa’s daughter Holly is a cute girl. Frostina is a Yeti Princess and she is furry. These two girls hit it off from the get go. Than we are given a tour of Santa’s workshop and home.
The positive attitude of Holly is infectous. A troll shows up and Holly is all ready to help. She does not care what is wrong he needs help and thats enough. Its a beautiful attitude to have and so rarely seen.
The little coal car between the panels as the three characters go on a coal car ride is a nice touch.
The villain of the story is the evil Krumpus and his Straw Lads.
The story and art are both for a younger audience. Any one though can and will enjoy this. It is the start of a fun exciting adventure. One that will fill you with the Christmas spirit and plenty of joy.
Chapter Two: Frostina the Yeti Princess gives us the recap here of Chapter One and it is done in such a fun entertaining manner.
Holly, Frostina and a troll make up the army from Snowville. They encounter a dragon and you will not believe how they handle it.
Holly and Frostina are both such uplifting characters and they are illustrated as the cutest characters ever. The Undertown is drawn as an amazing place and all the colors are used perfectly to give the idea it is underground.
The girls and troll find themselves in a battle with an army of Straw Lads. They need help and they get it from an unexpected source.
The Krampus is a evil creature and as he battles our two heroes there true nature is clearly shown.
Holly Claus and Frostina are two of the cutest Christmas characters ever.
The ending to this tale could not have been done any better. Now pass the cookies, munch and yum.

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