Title: Flare # 2
Publisher: Heroic Publishing
Writer: Dennis Mallonee
Artists: Tim Burgard, Mark Beachum
Flare Created by: Stacy Thain
Price: $ 9.50 US, $ 11.50 Can
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: “Betrayal by Design” Story by Dennis Mallonee, artwork by Tim Burgard, letters by David Cody and colors by Tom Luth.
The Thugmaster has a thug called Dash who is very fast and kind of weird to. The coloring on Dash’s outfit gets mixed up from orange to red.
Flare has a new costume that one pin-up shows off to stunning effect. Her escort here is the Galloping Galooper another super-hero. Flare and Dash have a free for all and Flare‘s new costume turns out not to be to good for a fight. She does pop out. It is done cute and in a funny way. Flare does get Dash to stop dashing.
The Galooper is in for a surprise from the Thugmaster’s newest super villain. She is a blonde bombshell and will blow him away.
“Mistress of the Occult” Writer Dennis Mallonee, penciler Howard Simpson, inker Willie Blyberg, letters Carrie Spiegle and colors Janice Cohen.
This story features Lady Arcane. Donnah aka Lady Arcane we do get to learn a little about her. Most of the story has her hanging out with her grandfather.
There is a topless female shown here.
Lady Arcane is a beauty and a woman studying the occult. The story does not have much action. The art though is very good. The Black Enchantress is drawn with an evil personality coming through.
“Revenge!” Writer Dennis Mallonee, artist Mark Beachum, letterer T. Owen and colorist Tom Luth.
The adventures of Flare when she was a girl. Here we see Flare and her siblings while they were growing up and training under the guidance of a Nazi Professor.
Flare‘s Lost Costume!” Writer Wilson Hill, artist Duval Stowers, colors Maiolo and letters Dick O’Malley.
A flying Flare here is drawn with a killer body. Her head though is drawn to big to go with her body. Flare faces many challenges as she fights her way to the Thugmaster. She is illustrated in many poses that do show off her sexual beauty. Flare is a Champion.
Flare does shine bright in this book.

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