Title: Big Bang Adventures: Megatron # 24

Title: Big Bang Adventures: Megatron # 24
Publisher: Big Bang Comics
Story: Ray Mackay, Charlie Boatner
Art: Ron C. Williams, Paul Bonanno
Colors: Shayne Cui, Shayne Cui
Price: $ 4. 95 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Website: www.bigbangcomics.com
Comments: Megaton is doing a charity event. Agent Orange makes the scene and things turn bad fast. Agent Orange after an attack escapes. Megaton recovers and takes time to learn all he can about Agent Orange. He wants to be ready for him.
Agent Orange is back and Megaton is to for round two. Megaton tries to reason with him only he has been abused and used way too much. It is not his fault what happened. Now though Megaton can not let him hurt or kill others. The fight is on. This is a fight with no real villains only a hero and a victim. It is sad to see someone who has suffered so much and will continue to do so.
The art has some nice battle action scenes. The superhero shown as Herioc. The villain is drawn to inspire fear.
“Astra The Rocket Girl” Astra has a Cog-Roach alien come onboard her ship. Astra’s flying monkey companion is cute. The Cog-Roach has a menacing atmosphere about it. Astra shows her ingenuity as she is a prisoner in her ship.  The art and story are both simple yet they tell this short story just how it should be told.

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