Titan Comics are thrilled to be publishing a new manga collaboration between international artist Eldo Yoshimizu and writer Benoist Simmat – GAMMA DRACONIS – from the Hard Case Crime Imprint.


This high-octane, visually astounding graphic novel, presented in traditional manga format,  tells the story of Aiko Moriyama, a student of religious art at the Sorbonne, whose research into occultism quickly leads her down a dangerous path. When several experts around her come under attack from a mysterious entity rising from the depths of the web, she becomes caught up in a plot which involves the police, the sinister leader of an international organization, transhumanism, black magic and her own family…

Artist Eldo said: “For Gamma Draconis I went to a monastery in the French countryside, to the City of London, to the drinking district of Osaka, to the monastery and church in Takarazuka, Japan. I took a lot of photographs and used them as a source for my drawings. There are many characters in this story, and I concentrated on bringing them to life, creating their personalities and their humanity. From their faces and body shapes, to their movement habits, the way they move, the way they emote, the way they speak, and the way they dress.”

Writer Benoist Simmat said: “It’s now a real pleasure to see our manga Gamma Draconis launched in english bookstores and translated into English for a simple and personal reason: English is the common language Eldo Yoshimizu and I used for three years to build up Gamma Draconis and communicate every week around it. Moreover, our manga is an international project, developed in French culture, achieved in Japanese style, so its vocation, according to me, was to exist, firstly, in English, the international language now – not only Japanese and French. We’re so excited to see that we won’t have to wait too long… take care and beware of the Eltanin Dimension.”

Eldo’s latest work follows the success of Ryuko, a Yakuza-set manga released in two volumes through Titan’s Hard Case Crime imprint last year and to overwhelming critical success.  Charles Ardai, Editor of Hard Case Crime, said: “After his spectacular debut with RYUKO, we are thrilled to welcome Eldo Yoshimizu back to Hard Case Crime with another breathtaking tale of international intrigue.”

GAMMA DRACONIS will be on sale in comic shops, all good book retailers and digital devices in August 2021.

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