Tips for Getting the Best Online Psychic Readings While Avoiding Scams

The world of the occult, both online and offline, is fraught with frauds and con artists. It is an industry that has been dominated by these two things for many years. It is also an industry that, beyond the frauds and thieves, boasts caring, loving, and deeply generous people who simply hope to help and make people’s lives easier, helping to shed burdens, and helping to recover from trauma and injury [mental and physical]. Finding the best and most accurate psychic reading for you is crucial. If you settle for poor quality and lazy reading, you will never experience how wonderful and how life-changing a psychic reading can be.

This page will tell you a few tips for getting the best online psychic readings while avoiding sophisticated scams and tricks. Avoiding these tricks can be very difficult, owing to how oversaturated the world of psychics is with frauds and con artists, but with this page, you will be able to discern between true and false.

Whatever reason you may need a psychic’s help, you need the best. Here are a few tips for getting the best online readings, while avoiding scams.

What Do You Want?

When looking for a psychic reading, it is important that you know what you want, otherwise you may be more susceptible to fraud and scams. Finding the best psychic reading can be difficult, and according to LA Weekly, overwhelming; there is an almost infinite number of websites and an infinite number of options. Firstly, you should decide whether you want a psychic, a medium, or a tarot reader; each service is different, and each has different results. You must also know whether you want your fortune told, career or love advice, or to contact a dead relative.

Find the Right One

It’s important to give yourself time. You shouldn’t ever just blindly pick a psychic, medium, or tarot reader without giving yourself adequate time to research them. Finding the right person is very important, as it will determine how your experience goes. You must do research and try and find who is best, as well as consulting occult and esoteric forums to take the opinion of other experienced practitioners of the occult. Very often on these forums, you will find psychics, mediums, and tarot readers who will be of assistance to you and may not even charge.

Search Wisely

It is important that you search wisely and research every potential occult practitioner you come across. The best psychics, mediums, and tarot readers will have their own dedicated websites specifically discussing their trade, as well as testimonials; the unscrupulous and fraudulent will not. Even if you find a practitioner on a forum, ask if they have a website, if not, avoid them. You must search very wisely, as the industry is so fraught with fraud it is unbelievable. There are many fakes and imposters out there who simply wish to make money off of you.


It is important that when you have found the occult practitioner for you, that you are open and honest with them. Holding things back can be a detriment to your reading and can seriously hinder the results. Total transparency is required. The reader will not be able to get an accurate telling if you do not be completely forthcoming with them. While it can be difficult to do this, even with those close to you, it is important that you do, for reading can only yield good results with honesty and transparency. Be open, be honest, and be truthful.


When you are dealing with a practitioner of the occult, it can be very confusing, sometimes scary, and always mysterious. It is important that you ask questions and establish the reasons for things, as well as ask questions to determine their truthfulness or the validity of what they are saying. Only by asking can you have a truly wonderful and eye-opening experience. It can be difficult to start asking questions – and nobody is suggesting that you should scrutinize or interrogate the practitioner, but you should definitely ask and establish the reasons for things, and things relating to yourself.


Just as the last point, the most genuine occult practitioners seldom do it just for money. If you find someone driven by cash with an extortionate price, it may be good for you to avoid them. Most occult practitioners who are genuine will not break the bank – so if you find one who’s trying to – avoid them.

With the help of this page, you should now be able to discern genuine occult practitioners from genuine fakes. The occult can be eye-opening and mystical – providing you don’t fall into the hands of a shark. Good luck!

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