Time Bomb’s Quantum goes direct to readers, with new extras!

Get the Quantum anthology via a Quantum Prime Subscription

Time Bomb Comics is delighted to announce a new publishing subscription for the Quantum anthology. Beginning with Quantum No.5, issues of the ongoing anthology comic will be available directly via a Quantum Prime subscription through Time Bomb’s Patreon page. As well as the Quantum comic subscribers will receive an exclusive extra with each issue, such as limited edition releases and unique merch produced just for Quantum Prime subscribers. To avoid directly competing with newsagents, the issues of Quantum sent out as part of the Quantum Prime initiative will also have special variant covers.

Time Bomb’s Publisher, Steve Tanner, spoke about this exciting decision; “Since we published Quantum No.1 back in April one regular piece of feedback we’ve had from readers is that some of them would love to be able to receive their copy of Quantum direct from us. Fair enough, but at the same time, we also don’t want to compete directly with all the wonderful newsagents who stock Quantum on their shelves in the first place. Honestly, it’s a subject we’ve had some long and occasionally heated conversations about amongst the editorial team! But we think we’ve found a solution… Announcing the Quantum Prime Subscription!”

The first exclusive subscriber extra available with this subscription and only sent out with Quantum No. 5, is The WesterNoir Bestiary. Each copy will also be individually signed and numbered by WesterNoir creator Dave West.

The Quantum Prime Subscription costs £10 per month and is available exclusively through

The Quantum Comic page on Patreon. Subscribers will also gain access to all the behind the scenes subscriber exclusive posts. Subscriptions will start after two monthly payments.

Time Bomb’s Patreon can be found at https://www.patreon.com/QuantumComic503/

Quantum No. 5 is available December 20th, Quantum No. 4 is out now via Newsagents.

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