Twenty-one years ago, TidalWave Productions launched the “10thMuse” series to the sixth highest selling comic book the month it was released.  Twenty-one years later, TidalWave is proud to announce the addition of new FICTION comic book series to the roster this fall.

Bold and the Brave

Writer: Darren G. Davis, Michael Frizell, Andrew Shayde, Eric M. Esquivel, & more

Artist:  Diego Garavano, Rod Salles, Paulo Montes, Pedrosa & more

All covers by Marvel Comics artist Yonami.


A new unique team-up ongoing series! The “10th Muse”, the avatar of justice on Earth, teams up with the TidalWave Universe’s vast array of colorful, costumed adventurers for a series that hearkens back to the Bronze Age of comics when team-ups were something special! When Emma Sonnet receives a mysterious amulet, she finds herself hurtling through time and space, encountering threats new and old in her quest to return home. Featuring homage covers by Marvel Comics Yonami, this series is excellent for new and old fans of superhero adventure!


Stormy Daniels: Space Force

Writer: Stormy Daniels, Darren G. Davis, Michael Frizell & Andrew Shayde

Artist: Pablo Martinena, Bill Walko, Pedrosa


Now an ongoing series!  Captain Stormy Daniels commands the U.R.E. Helix, a starship serving the United Republic of Earth and its leader, “very stable genius” OrDon. But, Daniels and her crew – capitalists at heart – are for hire, too. Its Barbarella meets Star Trek meets Stripperalla in a racy comedy and action and adventure series starring adult film sensation Stormy Daniels.   The Helix is ordered to rescue the egotistical General Brock and the beautiful Captain Grant from the clutches of the maniacal Red Queen. The queen is holding a scientist responsible for creating a devastating weapon capable of destroying the Earth. Only Captain Stormy Daniels, her second-in-command, Dax, her droids, and the mysterious alien, Munch, can save the Earth!


Ares: Goddess of War
Writer: Darren G. Davis, Michael Frizell

Artists: Alex Guenther


Ares is a warrior, and what’s a warrior without a war? He didn’t ask to be trapped on Earth, where the humans go about their sad lives, pining for peace. He certainly didn’t ask to be trapped in the body of a woman, even if this new form grants him a strength he didn’t think possible. Ares plans to force Zeus to restore him as he ascends to his rightful place in Olympus – and he’ll destroy the planet if he must achieve his goals. The 10th Muse, Judo Girl, and the heroes of the TidalWave Universe dare to stand in his way. Pray for them. This four-issue mini-series sets the stage for the triumphant return of some of TidalWave’s enduring and beloved characters.


Legend of Isis

Writers: Aaron Stueve, Darren G. Davis

Artists: Nicolas Faluotico


Twenty years ago, Isis premiered at Image Comics.  She is back in all-new adventures. Trapped 5,000 years out of time, the would-be Egyptian goddess, Isis, must adjust to her new life in 21st Century. Using her mystical staff and some help from a few new friends, Isis will protect those around her from the evil that may threaten their world. But how can she save a world that she doesn’t fully understand? Join Isis in her NEW mini-series as she’s reintroduced to the modern world and its new ways of life.


Juliet and Romeo

Writer: Andrew Shayde

Artist:  Ken Johnson


Juliet and Romeo is the sequel to the widely popular Juliet comic book series. Romeo and Juliet died together hundreds of years ago in a crypt in Verona – or did they? For thousands of years, the study of alchemy has been a hidden science. The poison Romeo and Juliet took all those years was an experiment forced upon the young couple granted them an extended life. Now they are alive in a century they don’t know and are being hunted for reasons they don’t understand. How has time changed them, and will their infamous love story be rewritten? With a cover by famed Marvel/ Top Cow Comics artist Randy Green.


Judo Girl

Writer: Michael Frizell

Artists: Emanuel Sotomayor


In 1972, Diana Moore, the colorful crime-fighter known as Judo Girl, was trapped in suspended animation. Unfrozen in 2002, Diana began searching for her place in this modern, not-so-groovy world. Siding with the heroes of the TidalWave Universe against Ares: Goddess of War gave her a powerful power upgrade, which she’s scared to wield. After the battle, Diana decides it’s time to follow her passions and find her place, so she enrolls in college! But will her enemies track her down and force her to use this new power? Join Diana’s far-out adventures in this brand-new ongoing series!


Dorian Gray: Beneath the Canvas

Writer: John Garavaglia

Artists: Martin Gimenez


Trust fund baby.  Playboy. High school student. Now, Dorian Gray can add monster hunter to the list. The burden of taking up the family business is a daunting task, with the only silver lining Dorian’s budding new romance with rising ballet star Sybil Vane.  But when an old enemy of the Gray family resurfaces, Dorian must steel his nerves and turn to an unlikely ally to protect the ones he loves.


Insane Jane: Doctors Without Patience

Writer: Zach Hunchar

Artist: Marcelo Henrique Santana


She is back in an all-new adventure! A great shadow falls upon an esteemed psychiatric hospital, as great terrible truths are borne naked to the wide eyes of the truth. Witness the failings of institutions. The doctors desperately attempt to instill order among chaos. Mayhem and destruction abound. Inmates run this asylum.


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