10th Muse: Justice #3

Writer: Darren G. Davis and Ryan Burton

Artist:  Carlos Silva

Release Date:  11/11/2020

Cover A: Carlos Silva

Cover B: Gerrin Tramis

Cover C: Sketch cover

COVER D: Calos Silva

Genre: mythology, Contemporary Women, Superhero

Twenty years ago to the day, “10th Muse” #1 debuted at Image Comics as the sixth highest selling comic book for that month.   We are proud to be back with an all new issue!  Greek mythology has documented the nine Muses, the inspirational daughters of the almighty god Zeus. But history forgot one—the 10th Muse. In this new issue, the 10th Muse finds herself once again fighting for her life and the city against Scylla. Charybdis’ fangs are also ready to get a bite in the Muse, if there is anything left of her from the fight.


Infamous: Tiger King: Sanctuary

Writer: Michael L. Frizell & Joe Paradise

Artist:  Joe Paradise

Release Date: 11/25/2020 

Print Price – $5.99

ISBN:  9781949738537

Genre: Biography

Viewers worldwide were riveted by Netflix’s seven-episode reality series exploring the infamous and self-proclaimed “Tiger King.” Joe Exotic’s jaw-dropping antics and the bewildering choices he made led to a conviction for attempted murder, violations of the Lacey Act, and twenty-two years in Federal prison. But what happened to the animals at his GW Zoo? With the assistance of PETA, TidalWave is proud to present their stories.


Space Force: Stormy Daniels #0

Writer: Stormy Daniels, Darren G. Davis, Michael Frizell & Andrew Shayde

Artist: Pablo Martinena

Release Date:  11/18/2020

Genre: Sci-fi, Comedy, Action adventure, contemporary Women

A behind the look scenes look in the sci-fi adventure comic book series “Stormy Daniels: Space Force”.  Captain Stormy Daniels commands the for-hire U.R.E. Helix, a United Republic of Earth starship.  Led by OrDon, a self-proclaimed “very stable genius” and Ruler for Infinity, the U.R.E. seeks to exploit the galaxy’s untapped riches with little regard for who – or what – is out there. On a mission to rescue a scientist responsible for the creation of a devastating weapon capable of destroying the Earth, the U.R.E’s flagship is captured by the maniacal Red Queen. Only Captain Daniels, her second-in-command, Dax, her droids, and the mysterious alien, Munch, can save us! It’s Barbarella meets Star Trek meets Stripperella in a racy comedy and action and adventure series starring Stormy Daniels.


10th Muse Twentieth Anniversary Gallery

Artist:  Roger Cruz

Release Date:  11/11/2020

Genre: mythology, Contemporary Women, Superhero

Twenty years ago this series from IMAGE COMICS blasted onto the scene as the 6th highest selling comic book. One of the original artists, Roger Cruz comes back with a new cover. Now in one place you will find the best of the best of new and old images featuring the 10th Muse. Greek mythology has documented the nine Muses, the inspirational daughters of the almighty Zeus. But history forgot one–the 10th Muse.


The World of Aluna: Volume 2

Writer: Antonio Hernandez, Paula Garces, Ryan Galletta, Dooma Wendschuck, Corey May, Nick Mendez

Artist: David T. Cabrera

Release Date:  11/8/2020

Genre: Fantasy

Catch up on Aluna’s adventures in the 2nd trade paperback with a cover by Witchblade artist Randy Green and a foreword by actress/creator Paula Garces.  Tossed overboard and into the ocean, Aluna wakes up in what she thinks is a foreign land.  She will quickly learn that this land is not so foreign after all and that both good and bad awaited her arrival. Soon to be a video game!


Juliet: Trade Paperback

Writer: Zach Hunchar

Artist:   Andres Barrero

Release Date:  11/4/2020

Genre: Action Adventure, Contemporary Women

Juliet, a young woman frozen in time by ancient magics, is woken in a strange and modern world. As she struggles to reclaim who she once was, she must contend with over 500 years of cultural change. New friends, a new career, and a budding romance are all threatened by a secret organization, and it monsters, intent on destroying her. Is the only chance she has of saving herself is a love from her past who may be the biggest monster of them all? Can Juliet free herself from the burdens of her world and become a hero? Or is the most tragic love story of all time doomed to repeat itself?

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