Tidalwave Productions Political Power: Justin Trudeau

Biographical comics are not my thing. Never have been. I think the only one I ever bought off the shelf was back in the day when Marvel produced the Pope John Paul II comic book. But I can see the market for these comics. Education, in schools, engaging younger readers in a graphical format. Political Power seems like just such a series from Tidalwave Productions. Each one-shot focusing on a politician and giving a glimpse into their origins.

Political Power Justin Trudeau Cover
Political Power Justin Trudeau Cover

Political Power: Justin Trudeau is the first issue that I have seen that focuses on a non-American, turning the spotlight on Canada’s 23rd Prime Minister. Each chapter or touchstone in Justin’s life gets a few panels. From his parent’s divorce, studying at McGill, teaching at West Point Grey Academy to his father’s death, writer Michael Frizell tells the story in Justin’s first-person voice.

Political Power Justin Trudeau Interior Page
Political Power Justin Trudeau Interior Page

“The goal of the Political Power series is to offer a non-partisan profile of the political figure. Justin Trudeau is popular around the world, but like any person, he’s not without faults. As a writer, I need to find a way to balance the positives and negatives and distill a person’s life and career into a little over 20 pages or about 100 pictures”, said writer Michael Frizell.

Bernat’s art is pleasant to view but it does seem like the techniques used differ from section to section. Like the colouring style is a tad inconsistent, perhaps rushed? I loved the scene in the teacher’s lounge at Sir Winston Churchhill but that cartoonist style is really different from the last page Election Night acceptance speech splash page.

Overall a neat little book available on all the various digital platforms like Comixology, iTunes, Amazon, Kobo and a hardcover version is also in the works which I suspect will land in more than a few Canadian school libraries. 

Issue: Political Power: Justin Trudeau | Publisher: Tidalwave Productions
Writer: Michael Frizell | Artist: Bernat
Editor: Daren G Davis
Price: $3.99

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