Eartha Kitt: Femme Fatale: Graphic Novel Edition

Writer: Marc Shapiro

Artist: Ogaz

Release Date: 9/01/2021

Print Price – $9.99

Digital Price: $5.99

Genre: Contemporary Women, Action Adventure

A special edition of the spin-off of “Mis-Adventures of Adam West” featuring Batman1966 legend Eartha Kitt. Eartha Kitt is on holiday, searching for the purrfect wave. When suddenly??? Well we won’t spoil the surprise. But in the tradition of the “Batman Animated Series” and all good things for all ages comes Eartha Meets The Gorgon, the first in a series of adventures done with the blessing of the legendary actress/singer’s estate. Written by New York Times Bestselling Author Marc Shapiro, Eartha Meets The Gorgon is the long anticipated return to good clean fun. This special edition comes with never before seen images.


Welcome to Waterbury #4

Artist: Byron L. Golden

Writer: Daniel Rafter

Release Date: 9/1/2021

Print Price – $5.99

Digital Price: $3.99

Genre: Manga

Chapter 4: Sacrifice. We learn it all her not without a couple of huge sacrifices. Who will live and who will meet their bitter end at the hand of the scarecrows. It is a race to the finish line and will Audrey’s demons finally be at rest. This is a finale that will leave you guessing to the last page.


Soldier Of Fortune #0

Writer: Michael Frizell & Marc Shapiro

Artist: Diego Comino & Brad Ashford

Release Date: 9/8/2021

Digital Price: $3.99

Genre: Action/ Adventure

A behind the scenes look into this series. With never before seen images and character designs! When the bad guys don’t play by the rules… the good guys need the equalizer. STEALTH: Big Guns. Big Attitude. Shoot first and ask questions later. In the tradition of GI Joe, Sgt. Fury and The Howling Commandos, and Sgt. Rock comes the new mercenaries for a new world. “Soldiers Of Fortune” written by New York Times bestselling author Marc Shapiro.


Orbit: Phil Knight: Co-Founder of NIKE

Writer: Michael L. Frizell

Artist: Yudhi Suryo

Release Date: 9/15/2021

Print Price – $5.99

Digital Price: $3.99

Genre: Biography

Phil Knight, a native of Oregon and the co-founder of Nike, Inc. is a business magnate and philanthropist who built an empire by selling a dream. By stepping into the shoes of a world-class athlete, we borrow some of their power, strength, and perseverance. Explore the life of the man behind the myth in this lavishly illustrated comic book.


TidalWave Artist Showcase: Ken Lashley

Artist: Ken Lashley

Release Date: 9/15/2021

Print Price – $5.99

Digital Price: $3.99

Genre: Art Book

Ken Lashley is a Canadian comic book creator who is known for his work at DC Comics, Marvel Comics and Top Cow. He got his start at TidalWave working on the first title at the company “10th Muse”. Lashley also did the character design for the flagship title “Atlas”. This 32-page gallery showcases never before seen images and covers from this artist.


TidalWave Artist Showcase: Joe Phillips

Artist: Roger Cruz

Release Date: 09/18/2021

Print Price – $5.99

Digital Price: $3.99

Genre: Art Book

Joe Phillips is an American comic book artist whose fame came from drawing at DC Comics and Dark Horse as well as his creator owned titles. At TidalWave Phillips’s cover art was showcased on many biography comic books such as Cher, Black History Leaders, Selena Gomez and the infamous Netflix series bio comic on “the Tiger King.” Joe also did covers for the fiction series “The Secret Lives of Julie Newmar”. This 46-page gallery showcases never before seen images and covers from the legendary artist.


Juliet and Romeo #2

Writer: Andrew Shayde

Artist: Ken Johnson

Release Date: 9/22/2021

Print Price – $5.99

COVER B: $5.99

COVER C: CFM Exclusive $9.99

Digital Price: $3.99

Genre: Action/ Adventure/ Contemporary Women

Juliet and Romeo set out across the planet following breadcrumbs to the truth behind the serum that has kept them alive for 800 years. This path leads them back to where it all began, Verona, Italy… but someone is waiting for them. Tensions mount as protestors and police join the fight. Cover by Marvel comics artist Yonami.


Power of the Valkyrie: Omnibus

Writer: Darren G. Davis, Chad Rebmann, Chris Studabaker & Erica Carlson-Schultz

Artist: Eduardo Mell, Mannix, Craig Yeung & Pierre A. Comtis

Release Date: 9/22/2021

Print Price – $24.99

Digital Price: $14.99

Genre: Action/Adventure

One of the leading ladies of TidalWave Productions. The full “Power of the Valkyrie” comic book series is collected for the first time in this GIANT SIZED Omnibus. As a human, Susan has to deal with complications in her life. But when she is suddenly bestowed with the heavenly power of the Valkyrie, she finds that her responsibilities have increased manifold. Now she must protect both Asgard and her home, Earth from the evil God Loki. And she must also choose what is right, for her as the Valkyrie, not just what the Asgardians think is right. Included in this Omnibus is the first mini-series of the “Power of the Valkyrie” as well as the new Chronos Edda mini-series. Also the one shot featuring the crossover with Venus and never before seen images!


Political Power: Jimmy Carter

Writers: Curtis Lawson, Michael L. Frizell

Artists: Martin Gimenez

Release Date: 09/29/2021

Print Price: $5.99

Digital Price: $3,99

Pages: 26 pages

James Earl Carter, Jr.’s the hardest working former President of the United States. After serving as Georgia’s 76th governor, Carter won the presidency during a tumultuous election cycle, serving one term from 1977-1981. Since leaving office, Carter has made a name for himself as the heart of the Democrat Party, exemplifying his servant-leader attitude. Released in time for his 97th birthday, Political Power: Jimmy Carter explores his life, loves, and leadership.


TidalWave Classic Horror Comics

Writer: Marc Lougee, Darren G. Davis, Chad Helder, Benjamin Hall, Federico De Luca

Artist: Susan Ma, Giovanni Timpano, Benjamin Hall, Federico De Luca, Derliz Santacruz

Release Date: 9/29/2021

Print Price – $19.99

Digital Price: $11.99

Genre: Horror

For the last twenty years TidalWave Productions has brought some epic horror titles to comic books. Including sequels to some of your favorite cult classic films. In this new edition showcases some of the one-shots that have been most frightful. Together for the first time Edgar Allan Poe’s “Pit and the Pendulum”, “Rue Morgue High”, “Plan 9 From Outer Space Strikes Again” and “Humanoids from the Deep”. Cover by Agung Prabowo.


TNT Jackson: Trade Paperback

Writer: Michael L. Frizell

Artist: Stacey Raven

Release Date: 9/29/2021

Print Price – $9.99

Digital Price: $5.99

Genre: Action/ Adventure/ Contemporary Women

Meet Celia Jackson, suspended Bell City Detective and former costumed adventurer known as TNT. She’s a fast talker with smart mouth, anger issues, and an explosive superpower she’s afraid to use. TNT is learning to balance her destructive tendencies -and abilities – while working to preserve law and order in a city that loves or hates her, depending on the time of day. Several years after a battle with a supervillain destroyed half of Bell City and killed many, some see her as a hero. Others see her as a monster. When her brother, the superhero once known as Nitro, is murdered by the vicious Caoránach gang, Celia must hunt for the truth behind his murder. She won’t like what she finds.

Can she hold her devastating powers in check, or will her anger prove stronger than her will? And when she discovers the truth, can TNT keep her cool? Or will she explode?

Written by Michael Frizell (Stormy Daniels: Space Force, The Secret Life of Bettie Page, Communion) and featuring a cover by famed Marvel Comics artist, Yonami, TNT Jackson is an action story like no other!

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