TidalWave Comics Presents #6

Release Date: 11/2/2022

Writer: Chad Rebmann

Artist: Jay Odjick

A new crossover series starring characters from the TidalWave Universe as well as others!

Venus is back in her very own special, and this time she’s bringing Judo Girl along for the ride. Everybody’s favorite matchmaker is back at home in Hollywood doing what she does best. Coupling Hollywood’s elite for maximum exposure potential. That is, until the evil Medusa shows up, looking for the Sword of Perseus, the only weapon that can do her harm. Medusa has tracked the sword to Los Angeles, where a Hollywood agent has bought the piece at a private auction. To keep Venus at bay, Medusa takes her star client, Chloe Sanders hostage! Since Venus’s powers don’t work on fellow Olympians, she calls in gal pal Judo Girl for a weekend of ass kicking. Come join in the fun as Judo Girl and Venus leave a trail of destruction in tinsletown to stop Medusa and the Sword of Perseus. Guest starring Orion the Hunter.

Welcome to the new TidalVerse!

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Comic Flea Market: https://bit.ly/3MPX7z2

Legend of Isis: Pandora’s Box #2

Release Date: 11/2/2022

Writer: Ae Stueve

Artist: Nicolas Faluotico

Nothing ever is good when Pandora’s Box is involved. Isis has now been taken over by the box and has launched her dark side. It is all out war will her allies and friends. Lynx, Valkyrie, Scarab Queen and Artemis are in her crosshairs as she tries to change the world with her boosted powers. Cover by Marvel Comics artist Yonami.

Twenty Years after the 1st issue of Legend of Isis premiered at Image Comics, the adventure continues with a brand-new series. Trapped 5,000 years out of time, the would-be Egyptian goddess, Isis, must adjust to her new life in 21st Century. Using her mystical staff and some help from a few new friends, Isis will protect those around her from evil that may threaten their world. But how can she protect a world that she doesn’t fully understand?

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3DdiV46

Comic Flea Market: https://bit.ly/3Tknqzw

Bold and the Brave #12

Release Date: 11/16/2022

Writer: Darren G. Davis

Artist: Vincente Cifuentes

Trouble is not confined to the American Side of the Atlantic. On her 1st journey back to Europe since becoming the 10th Muse, Emma Sonnet finds herself embroiled in an international game of cat and mouse. She soon finds herself confronting Lord Mann, an uber-rich, all-around bad guy. She doesn’t even realize that the trap has been set before it is too late teaming up with Victoria’s Secret Service. But Muses are hard to kill. The Muse is recruited by a secret organization to help save a kidnapped price and bring justice to Lord Mann’s manner.

A new unique team-up ongoing series! The “10th Muse”, the avatar of justice on Earth, teams up with the TidalWave Universe’s vast array of colorful, costumed adventurers for a series that hearkens back to the Bronze Age of comics when team-ups were something special! When Emma Sonnet receives a mysterious amulet, she finds herself hurtling through time and space, encountering threats new and old in her quest to return home. Featuring homage cover by Marvel Comics Yonami, this series is excellent for new and old fans of superhero adventure!

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3yYQfJU

Comic Flea Market: https://bit.ly/3eMfnfX

Dorian Gray: Omnibus

Release Date: 11/30/2022

Writer: Darren G. Davis

Artist: Martin Gimenez

Over 200-pages of action adventure featuring a retelling of the Oscar Wilde classic horror novel. Both mini-series together for the 1st time. The Grays are a cursed family. Dorian Gray IV, the last of his line, struggles with the realization that his personal demons are exactly that… a supernatural force that plagues not only the Grays but many of society’s wealthiest families. Convinced his redemption is only secured through ridding the city of demons called the Morbi, Dorian launches an ongoing crusade for his soul. Check out this special edition that features never before seen images.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3Db3QjA

Political Power: George H. W. Bush

Release Date: 11/30/2022

Writer: Michael Frizell, Curtis Lawson

Artist: Martin Gimenez

This is the story of George H.W. Bush, the 41st President of the United States. Overshadowed by the titanic personalities of his predecessor, his successor and his own son, TidalWave comics takes an insightful look at the incredibly rich and impactful life of this public servant, war hero, and entrepreneur.

The biography comic format allows TidalWave’s writers to delve into the history of newsworthy figures and explore what shaped them. Several media outlets, including CNN, FOX News, The Today Show, Time, and People, have featured the company’s line of biographical comic books.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3VKdgtO

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