Judo Girl: Space Rocks & Steely Cats #1
Release Date: 6/21/2023
Writer: Erica Schultz
Artist: Yehia Mahran
Blast off for new adventure with fan favorite Judo Girl in a new mini-series! What is up on Venus and why is Captain Steel hijacking the Mariner 5! It is a retro story from the 60’s that only Judo Girl can tell…Space Rocks & Steely Cats!



Bold and the Brave #19
Release Date: 6/14/2023
Writer: Zachary Hunchar
Artist: Ulysses Tardivo
In the most mad-capped issue of The Bold And The Brave, the 10th Muse partners with the most unexpected hero of all… Insane Jane! Technically it’s the Avenging Star as Insane Jane is the name or her miniseries. Never mind! Will the space/time continuum be destroyed? Will the artist follow the script? Will there be waffles? Buy the comic! Find out!



Midnight Witch #4
Release Date: 6/21/23
Writer: Rod Monteiro
Artist: ENN
Surprised by Claudia’s threat, Leona sees no alternative but to surrender to her tormentors to save little Karmen’s life. Now imprisoned, they will be taken to Aileen – the lady of the castle, for interrogation. The wolves howl for the Midnight Witch’s blood, but the queen seems to have other plans for her.



Guide to the TidalWave Universe #1
Release Date: 6/7/23
Writer: Darren G. Davis
Cover by: Mike S. Miller
The ultimate guide for every TidalWave fan, this series features profiles of the characters from TidalWave’s decades-long publishing history. The encyclopedic entries feature incredible art from the top names in the industry while exploring the origins of your favorite characters. Ever wonder how tall Isis is? How about the 10th Muse’s eye color? It’s all here. You’ll also learn about their powers, equipment, histories, and more!



Beekman Boys Present: Polka Spot: Omnibus
Release Date: 6/28/2023
Writer: Michael Frizell, Brent Ridge, Michael Troy
Artist: Yehia Mahran, Amanda Altelino, Bernat, Chanoa, Felipe, Pablo Martinena
World-famous socialite llama, Polka Spot, and her faithful companion, the feisty kitty Jolene, find that being in the spotlight leads to adventure – and fun! From the mind of Martha Stewart’s former right-hand man, Brent Ridge, and spinning out of the television series, The Beekman Boys, this volume collects all her past adventures – and a few never-before-seen stories. It’s animated action and comedy for all ages! Over 200-pages of fun!

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