THUNDERBUNNY by Martin Greim

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THUNDERBUNNY by Martin Greim

(This issue of Thunderbunny #1 was originally published in 1985 by Warp Graphics)

IT’S ALIVE! is proud to announce the publication of a THUNDERBUNNY omnibus collection by creator Martin Greim, along with a number of artists from a variety of publications between 1982 and 1987.
In 1960, the first appearance of THUNDERBUNNY was published in a fanzine entitled Mass Fan Newsletter. It was two drawings and a short story by Martin. 17 years later, an 8 page THUNDERBUNNY showed up in Comic Crusader Storybook. The art for that was by Gene Day and Jerry Ordway. There was also an image of THUNDERBUNNY on the back cover of that same comic by Joe Sinnott. Then, in 1982, the THUNDERBUNNY origin story was published in Charlton Bullseye #6, with art by Mike Machlan and Victor Laszlo (aka Peter Iro). Cover by Machlan and Ordway. Later the same year, the entire issue of Charlton Bullseye #10 featured THUNDERBUNNY, drawn by Brian Buniak. 1985, THUNDERBUNNY #1-12 came out from Warp Graphics/Apple Comics, with artwork by Buniak. The last issue came out November of 1987.
We are thrilled to finally bring such a collection to life. We believe many fans will love having all of these incredible stories and artwork in one book to enjoy for years to come.

(THUNDERBUNNY #2 originally published by WarpGraphics in 1985)

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