(October 6th 2021, New York, NY) Comic Fund THUNDER COMICS is teaming up with ANDY SERKIS, the seminal actor and filmmaker who directed Marvel’s VENOM 2: LET THERE BE CARNAGE and starred in hit films LORD OF THE RINGS, PLANET OF THE APES and BLACK PANTHER, as well as writer/director/producer ANDREW LEVITAS (MINAMATA), on a brand new, original comic series “ETERNUS” which will be published in 2022 by SCOUT COMICS . The series, created by Andy and Andrew, will be written by DON HANDFIELD (KNIGHTFALL, AMAZING STORIES) and ANASTAJZA K DAVIS, with a special limited-edition ashcan available exclusively at the Scout Comics booth at New York Comic Con from October 7th to 10th, 2021.

ETERNUS is set in 360 AD. The great god Zeus is long dead, brutally murdered in his own temple some thirty years prior. Heracles, Zeus’s son and champion, spends his days drunk and depressed as the old gods struggle to stay alive after decades of Christian disruption. When Athena’s Temple is sacked by a mysterious Centurion looking for a powerful relic that once belonged to Zeus, the old gods are convinced they have found Zeus’s killer. Now the mighty Heracles must sober up long enough to keep the lone witness, a 9-year-old blind priestess, alive long enough to identify the killer and finally find justice for his dead father.

“Eternus is an expression of our fascination with foundational mythology and deeply rooted storytelling. It’s exciting to share this first glimpse into the world we have been building for so long. This is just the beginning… “ said Andy Serkis.

The series is being drawn by KARL MOLINE (DAREDEVIL 2099, BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER), with ink by ANDY OWENS (SUPERMAN, BATMAN ) and letters by two-time Eisner award-winner DAVE LANPHEAR (MOUSEGUARD, X-MEN). The main covers for the series are being painted by artist ROB PRIOR who will be painting exclusively at the SCOUT COMICS booth at NYCC.

The book is the first of a comic series slate from THUNDER COMICS, a comic fund

founded to bridge the gap between comics and established creators from the film and television space. THUNDER COMICS was founded by Armory Films’ CHRIS LEMOLE and TIM ZAJAROS, and Motor Content’s Don Handfield. Armory and Motor previously came together for the adaptations of Handfield’s comic series UNIKORN which has DEBBIE BERMAN (editor of BLACK PANTHER, CAPTAIN MARVEL and SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING) attached to direct and THE DARK AGE, written by Handfield, which is the best-selling comic series ever for indie publisher Red 5 Comics.

Founded during the pandemic shutdown, Thunder was specifically formed not just to create great stories, but to keep the production pipeline running during a worldwide pandemic.

“When Covid hit and the film and TV production ground to a halt, I was still in full production mode on four comic book series, including my comic series THE DARK AGE with my good friends and frequent collaborators Tim Zajaros and Chris LeMole at Armory Films. We decided to create a platform and a pipeline for creators and filmmakers to not only keep producing pandemic-proof content, but also as a way for creators to maximize both their ownership and creative control over their original ideas,” said Handfield.

The first slate of THUNDER COMICS titles are being funded in partnership with producers Ashley Cole and Rafael Chavez of Chavez Brothers. The group was brought together by Gary Ousdahl of Foundation Entertainment who reps Cole and Chavez.

THUNDER COMICS has formed a unique non-exclusive partnership with leading independent publisher SCOUT COMICS for the distribution of ETERNUS across all platforms.

“We started Thunder to bridge the gap between top-level creatives and the comic industry. We couldn’t be more thrilled to have our first title with the incredible talents of Andy Serkis and Andrew Levitas.” said Zajaros and Lemole in a joint statement.

The full 7 issue comic series ETERNUS will be released in 2022. A limited number of copies of the NYCC exclusive will be for sale on SCOUT COMICS website in the run up to NYCC. Stay tuned to SCOUT COMICS social channels for updates.

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