Thistle Issue One preview

When is the End the Beginning? Elf Ranger Thistle is on a mission of revenge against the Necromancer who devastated the Elf homeland.


Inspired by sword and sorcery fantasy epics, and zombie apocalypse stories, Thistle is a comic about losing the war at the far reaches of the world – attempting to save it – and the long journey back to discover if a home survives that is worth returning to. Having volunteered to traverse a magical one-way portal through the mountains of the world on a mission of revenge, Elf Ranger Tistlelandalon (Thistle) must survive long enough to confront the Necromancer: the master of an undead horde that destroyed the kingdoms of the humans and the elves.

Working with Collins on Thistle is interior and main cover artist J. Schiek (Hush Ronin, Tales From the Pandemic), colorist W.K. Sahadewa (Nature’s Labyrinth, Doctor Who: Origins, Ultramax), letterer Leland Bjerg (Creator-owned series Berserker Monk, 2021 Platform Comics Short Comics Finalist, Long Distance, as writer) and variant cover artist Heather Vaughan (art for Unmatched: Buffy the Vampire Slayer board game, art for Beneath Nexus card game).

“Thistle takes inspiration from survivor apocalypse stories and the sword and sorcery genre, where a band of intrepid heroes form a desperate alliance to defeat the villain and save the world. That’s where so many of our most treasured and favorite stories end. That is not the story I want to tell. Where do the heroes go after losing the war? Who do they return to if all their families or friends have died? With Thistle, I wanted to explore the story AFTER the story, and the unexplored journey that begins after everything has been lost.” – J.L. Collins

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