There Are Variant Covers for Black Enchantress #6

There are a few limited edition variant covers available as reward options for our Black Enchantress Kickstarter, including covers by MARK BEACHUM, PAOLO MASSAGLI, and ULDERICO FIORETTI.

These are limited edition variants for the 6th issue of BLACK ENCHANTRESS. No more than 100 copies of each will ever be printed. If you’re at all interested in getting one or more of these gorgeous variants, please visit our Kickstarter and reserve your copy today. You can do that here:
The 6th issue of BLACK ENCHANTRESS features a brand-new book length 24-page adventure by writer Dennis Mallonee and artist Gordon Purcell that pits our wicked little WitchGirl against the combined power of two of her deadliest enemies, the mysterious MISTER MONOCLE and the hell-bound goddess LILITU.
Those two classic villains have returned, staging an “Assault on the Avery Mansion.” Their weapon? A small army of teenaged college students they’ve transformed into vicious demon girls.
Can the Black Enchantress and her newest ally, lawyer-in-training DANIELLE JEFFRIES, herself an exiled princess of Hell, put an end to this horrific home invasion without doing harm to the innocent?
Find out by supporting this project. Make a contribution and choose from among a whole slew of great rewards including digital and physical comics, Black Enchantress back issues, the above mentioned variant covers by Mark Beachum, Paolo Massagli, and Ulderico Fioretti, and a few other bells and whistles.

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