The Ying & Yang of Rob Van Dam’s NEWEST Documentary!

I was recently able to watch a brand spankin new documentary starring wrestling legend and future WWE Hall of Fame’er… (everyone tells him so) Mr. Monday Night, Mr. Pay-Per-View, ROB VAN DAM.

“Headstrong” to be released February 19th on iTunes/Google Play/VUDU

Professional wrestling legend Rob Van Dam embarks on a life changing journey across the country, in the candid and unflinching documentary, HEADSTRONG. Giving an honest look into the life of the athlete known to millions around the world as ‘RVD,’ the film captures him on the road doing standup comedy. While on tour, an unexpected roadblock paves the way for an exploration into the realities of professional sports. What follows is an unforgettable roller-coaster, as RVD gives an unprecedented and unique look into the world of professional wrestling, and his one of a kind strategy in life.

Backrow Studios works in conjunction with RVD Productions to produce HEADSTRONG, a feature length documentary that will be released on February 19th, 2019. The film is now available for pre-order on iTunes, and will be available to own on iTunes, Google Play, and VUDU.

No matter what level of wrestling fan you are, you’ll get something out of this piece. It’s simply uplifting, and motivating and that is at the core of who RVD is – the performer wants to vibrate at a higher frequency and challenge you to do the same. As he says in the new trailer recently released online, “Life is just a series of moments.” He has taken on many other interests such as writing a comic book and taking up standup comedy; this doc highlights a multi-city tour he took with veteran funnyman Tom Garland. I will share with you the things I liked and the stuff I felt was slightly meh about this project, or as RVD might say… the YING and the YANG of the documentary.

***Oh before I get started, two random thoughts after having just watched it. First off, I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much footage of the back of his head, and for the first time I noticed that nobody ever says “Rob Van Dam” when they first meet him, they are all hypnotized into saying, “Rob…… Van…… Dam!” It’s just what happens.

THE YING (the Good stuff!)
1. WRESTLING FOOTAGE – I loved that the film uses footage not just from WWE but TNA and ECW as well to give a multi-level perspective on some career highlights. Fans will appreciate that for sure.
2. TOM GARLAND – Not only is he engaging and honest on screen but the dude is legit funny. I cracked up at his comment on a show in PA when he told the audience, “You do know you CAN LEAVE Pennsylvania? Right?” As a guy that grew up in that shitty state and said the same thing my entire childhood to anyone who would listen… that was genius. Tom’s a great addition to this, but it falls into a Yang too, you’ll see why.
3. MARIJUANA – What?! Holy geez an RVD doc without preaching about weed? Lol. I think that’s rad because it shows there’s more to him, besides he won that war, America’s states are catching up with the times now.
4. THE COUNTRY SONG – Rob’s honesty on his hard subjects can’t be dismissed. The man had both his father and his dog pass away, and then his wife of over a decade left him too. Shit! He didn’t have to talk about that. We appreciate that he did, what a country song that’d be…
5. KATIE – Rising wrestling superstar Katie Forbes is showcased as his soulmate. She has a glowing radiance that shows why they click so well. She’s a delight to witness.
6. CAMEOS – You’ll see many recognizable wrestling stars pop up (Tommy Dreamer among others) in this but they never take away the attention of who our lead is. That’s a fun part.
THE YANG (the meh stuff)
1. RUN TIME – I wanted to see more, I just wish it was longer, I really do. (That’s what she said.)
2. THE STANDUP – No, I’m not listing it because its bad, Read: I’m saying I wish we’d seen more of it! I’ve know Rob almost a decade, I know this motherfucker is funny as hell so I’m not sure why he’s not included more of the stage time, I think the fans would have enjoyed that a great deal. Hopefully his next DVD is a full standup special. *Fingers crossed!
3. TOM GARLAND – Where’d he go? He’s such a great addition that the viewer misses him once the tour is over, I’d liked to have seen more resolution on him, whats he up too now? (Spoiler alert: he mostly gigs in the Vegas area and I recommend catching him when he tours near you!)
So all in all, I give this HEADSTRONG doc 5 STARS. Positively. 5 Stars for the “5-Star Frog-Splashin Funny-Man from Battle Creek, MI who refuses to be given one label. When you think you know the answers about Rob, he changes the questions on ya. What’ll he do next!?
Make sure you stick around through the credits for a few more chuckles including a nod to John Morrison that cracked me up. Also you’ll see that I’m thanked in the credits next to some McMahon… yup Tim Chizmar and some guy named Vince McMahon.

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