THE WORLD FRONT is Justice League meets The Fly Debuts on comiXology this week!

Writer(s): Kurt Belcher
Artist Name(s): Rob Croonenborghs
Cover Artist(s): Rob Croonenborghs
T+ pgs./ 96 / FC
$5.99 (Digital Only)

THE WORLD FRONT debuts on comiXology this May and is perfect for fans of Action Lab’s adventurous mature readers Danger Zone imprint. The series is a violent, dysfunctional superhero epic, with high action, where the blood runs red! “It is a unique blend of superhero action and bloody horror fun,” commented writer Kurt Belcher (Broken Frontier: Anthology). “Neither artist Rob Croonenborghs (Scum of the Earth) and I had really seen a book that scratched that particular itch in a way that we liked, so we made our own!”

He goes on to say that his biggest wish for what he wants readers to get out of THE WORLD FRONT is “an entertaining balance between the superhero action and horror, and the story of a family and a group of friends that are both slowly going to pieces. I’m hoping we hit both sides with all the right emotional beats.”

Kurt goes on to say, “Rob Croonenborghs and I have been working on THE WORLD FRONT for a while, and we’ve sunk our hearts and souls into it. It’s a love letter to both the transcendental superhero sagas that we grew up with, as well as the bloody horror comics and movies that still blow our minds. If you like either of those, too, THE WORLD FRONT is a comic for you.”

Pre-order the book on comiXology now! THE WORLD FRONT #1 will be out on May 8th; THE WORLD FRONT #2 will be out June 5th; and THE WORLD FRONT #3 will be out July 3rd. The collected volume, THE WORLD FRONT VOL. 1, will be out on August 7th.

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