The fan-favorite panel featured exclusive announcements, an exciting variant giveaway, and teased some of Marvel’s upcoming woman-led projects!  


New comics announced include the 2024 Women of Marvel anthology, It’s Jeff #25, and Marvel’s Voices: Loki Presents #75!


New York, NY— October 15, 2023 — Earlier today, an inspiring panel assembled at the Women of Marvel event at New York Comic Con! 

The line-up of speakers featured Marvel publishing talent including Executive Director for Digital Content Ellie Pyle, Editor Sarah Brunstad, Senior Editor Lauren Bisom, Director of Production & Special Projects Jennifer Grunwald, as well as celebrated comic writers Ann Nocenti (Captain Marvel: Dark Tempest) and Erica Schultz (Daredevil: Gang War). 

The panelists discussed Marvel’s woman-led projects, including the current character-centric season of the popular Women of Marvel podcast, now available anywhere you listen to podcasts! 

Fans in the audience were excited to see a cover reveal of next year’s WOMEN OF MARVEL #1 coming in February 2024. The anthology will feature special stories by writers including Gail Simone, and a gorgeous cover by Carmen Carnero. 

The crowd was the first to hear the beloved Land Shark will return to Marvel Unlimited soon! An all-new IT’S JEFF Infinity Comic is coming to the Marvel Unlimited app on Friday, October 20. The weekly ongoing series is written by Kelly Thompson with art by Gurihiru. But that’s not all! The panelists also revealed MARVEL’S VOICES: LOKI PRESENTS #75 will debut on Marvel Unlimited in November 2023. The new Marvel’s Voices story is written by Karla Pacheco with art by Roberta Ingranata and colorist Fer Sifuentes-Sujo. 

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