Trade paperback collection 2016 miniseries from Comics Experience and Source Point Press to debut at C2E2

Comics Experience and Source Point Press are excited to announce the release of the trade paperback edition of Wretched Things by Devon Wong, Ken Perry, and John Hunt at the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo, known as C2E2, on April 6 through 8. Wretched Things reveals the secret lives of vermin — those scurrying creatures who live in the shadows that humans regard with disgust — as being complex, with rich experiences and legends all their own. A young mouse named Bran, guided by a six-legged spider named Impatience, must come face-to-face with a new destiny — a world where vermin no longer skulk in the darkness.

Wretched Things was first published by Comics Experience in 2016 as a digital-only comic available on comiXology. With this new print collection of all four issues, the creators are eagerly anticipating seeing their story reach new audiences.
“There are still many people for whom comics is a print medium first and want to read a real, physical book, to hold the art in their hands,” said the series’ writer, Devon Wong, in an interview posted on Comics Experience’s website. “That’s when it becomes truly real. I’m one of those people. While I do read some digital content, I prefer the book as object, both in terms of comics and prose, because even though I look young, I’m really a shriveled old man inside.”
The series artist, Ken Perry, lauded Comics Experience’s and Source Point Press’ publishing partnership and distribution in the same interview. “The team-up of Comics Experience and Source Point Press looks to be a game-changer for independent creators looking to get their work distributed to a wide audience,” Perry said. “SPP already has a proven business model in place with advertising and marketing along with a great presence at conventions. I think they are already slated to be at 60 cons in 2018. That’s 60 places where creators are having their books actively brought to potential customers.”
The collected print edition of Wretched Things will debut at the Source Point Press booth at Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo, known as C2E2, taking place on April 6 through 8. It will then be available through retailers who carry Source Point Press publications, at Source Point’s convention appearances and their online store, as well as digitally on comiXology.
The publishing partnership between Comics Experience and Source Point Press gives alumni from Comics Experience’s Creators Workshop, education courses, and mentorships the opportunity to have their comics published and distributed. The publishing program was announced in January 2018 and four titles will be released in April: the miniseries Achilles, Inc. and The Family Graves, and the trade paperbacks Grief and Wretched Things.

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