February 20, 2020. Star Cross Comics proudly presents their newest comic book release, The Tribulation TaskForce.

The Tribulation TaskForce tells the story of a young Hispanic man named Hector. An average young man, Hector gets the surprise of his life when he is chosen by God to form a team to rescue the Apostle John, who is being held captive in Vatican City.

The Tribulation TaskForce chronicles their fight against Apollyon, who may the man known as the anti-christ.

Written by Bill Raupp, with art by some of Indie comics’ best artists, the book combines traditional superhero fun with Christian end of days themes, to produce an intriguing read. 

There are currently 3 issues set in the Tribulation TaskForce universe, which can be purchased through Star Cross Comics’ current Kickstarter.

The Tribulation TaskForce also offers a fan club through their website ( ). Members receive an exclusive trading card for joining, and monthly mail-order gifts every month!

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