The Top 5 Franchises of Video Games Based on Marvelous Comic Book Series

Action Comics #23, published in the spring of 1940, alluded to the media in print as the Daily Planet, even though Clark Kent once worked at the Daily Star, which was modeled after the actual Toronto Daily Star. The Halo graphic story is just amazing, with four chapters that expand key Haloverse concepts. When you begin reading a graphic novel, Master Chief will transform it into the appearance of a comic book. The entire Halo series has proven to be a success thus far.

The Powers (Alex, Julie, Jack, and Katie) are the four siblings for whose storytelling Louise Simonson gets credit and which are a product of June Brigman’s creation, i.e. Power Pack, defending the earth from Snark aliens. Power Pack was recognized for moral debates and social issues (such as homelessness, drug misuse, abuse of kids, and bullying) and is necessary to deliver justice, argues Dr. Power.

When was your last occasion when you saw a Power Pack video game? Positive themes in video games are definitely needed. You will occasionally be reminded of Big Two Comics (in reference to DC Comics, known for superheroes such as Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman; and Marvel, known for superheroes such as X-Men, The Incredible Hulk, and Spider-Men). No question about that.

In Sonic the Comic by Fleetway, The Powerpuff Girls comic series’ problems can be seen. It was released from 1993 to 2002. The Powerpuff Girls comics are illustrated similarly to the Cartoon Network show, but when you compare them to Fleetway’s piece, you will see that Sonic has more coloring, minute details, and elaborate outlinings while looking like it would be easy to create.

What are five franchises of video games with fantastic comic book series?

# 5 Tomb Raider: The Series (1996)

Top Cow Productions’ comic book series, Tomb Raider: The Series, is based on the 1996 video game of the same name but reads more like a fun action flick.

The escapades should never put you to sleep because there are never-ending actions and meaningful stories that concentrate on character-centered moments (including the use of magical elements). The main series consists of 50 issues and details Lara Croft’s life, experiences, and several artifacts she found.

# 4 Street Fighter (1987)

Any fan of fighting-based comic books must own Udon’s Street Fighter series. You will notice half-naked, sexualized women in this comic book collection, making you feel exactly like you had been watching Dead or Alive 5 (2012). This is the only video game on our list that entered an eSports scene (and the betting scene on the top bookmakers for eSports wagering isolated from the rest of the operators at as well).

Ryu is devoted to his training, exploring Asia, meeting fighters, and seeking revenge for the loss of his mentor. Gen, Chun-Li, and Cammy head to Mexico to learn the truth about Shadaloo Syndicate’s Doll Agents as he meets Dhalsim (who has white eyes which are pupil-less), an ex-assassin, and Yoga Master.

Ryu receives training from Dhalism and discovers how to defeat Akuma. Ryu must develop an ability opposed to Dark Hado, eradicating lousy influence, to beat Akuma. He receives contradicting advice on tapping into Dark Hado from Gen, who Dhalism believes is the sole individual that he knows to have defeated Akuma in combat, which puts him in a pickle.

# 3 Mirror’s Edge: Exordium (2016)

Is there a reason Mirror’s Edge is on the list? You have probably already guessed that we enjoy the Mirror’s Edge video game series’ minimalist society and that we truly like the parkour aesthetic. You would anticipate a comic book rendition to perform well when parkour is combined with dangerous stunts during frantic chase sequences.

The comprehensively detailed precursor to Catalyst is called Mirror’s Edge: Exordium. The main character of the comic book serial is Faith Connors, identical to the video game. The comic book adaption was revealed to be a supplementary six-page comic during Comic-Con 2008 (which was also published during the convention).

# 2 Last of Us: American Dreams (2013)

In the computer game Last of Us, Joel is a mystery character, but Ellie is even more so as she mentions a boarding school she attended after the epidemic.

The narrative of the book describes how Ellie was compelled to enlist in the military after being forced to move to another educational institution while being protected by the military.

# 1 Assassin’s Creed (2007)

The popular comic book series Assassin’s Creed, also known as Assassin’s Creed: Assassin’s, is at the forefront of the list, and you can bet every penny of yours that it has superb storytelling. It is figurative language. If you cannot afford it, do not risk each and every dollar on this piece of art.

Throughout the Salem witch trials, when many innocent individuals were burned at the stake, the first problem occurs in the 17th century, right when you assumed it could not get any worse. Inca Empire is the setting for the second problem.

Following its 14th issue, Assassin’s Creed and the accompanying series will relaunch under a new creative team as Assassin’s Creed: Uprising, Titan Comics announced in 2016. In Assassin’s Creed: Uprising, Knights and Brotherhood essentially put an end to their conflict and work together.

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