The Superwomen: A New Heroic Publishing Charity Art Book Project

Heroic Publishing has an extraordinary new project on tap.
“HEROIC PUBLISHING: THE SUPERWOMEN” is a pin-up art book being created specifically to try to help artists who have been impacted not only by the current global pandemic but by other diseases around the world. Heroic is also looking to raise funds for Médecins Sans Frontières ( through the sale of this artbook.
A crowdfunding effort for the project has begun on
There’s also a video for it here:
And here are the details:
For more than three decades, starting in the mid-1980s, Heroic Publishing has produced a line of superhero comic books featuring characters such as Flare, Liberty Girl, the League of Champions, WitchGirls Inc, and the Sensational G-Girl.
Heroic Publishing’s breakout, the show-stopping character was (and remains) FLARE, the superhero supermodel, a sexy shining goddess of light.
The ever-expanding Heroic multiverse has an amazing line-up of male heroes, from Eternity Smith to the Huntsman, but Heroic’s fans have always favored their beautiful and powerful women, whether an antagonist, protagonist, superheroine or supervillainess.
Moreover, long before it became politically popular, the Heroic multiverse was home to a wide spectrum of the human family, including gods and other-dimensional creatures!
But always it was THE SUPERWOMEN who led the way. And now, as Heroic near 40 years of fantastic adventures, they feel it’s time to pay tribute to those wonderful characters with a beautiful hardbound coffee table book of pin-ups.
And the largest portion of the net proceeds from this project, fully 80%, will be earmarked specifically for the artists and for a worthy charity!
Here are the details:
Ulderico Fioretti and Mark Beachum are the producer and designers of the project. They’ve given the book a beautiful, elegant design style.
  • Hardcover, gold foil embossed cover
  • Full color 96 pages
  • 12 inches X 9 inches
According to publisher Dennis Mallonee, “HEROIC PUBLISHING: THE SUPERWOMEN is a pin-up art book that will be created specifically to try to help artists who have been impacted not only by the current global pandemic but by other diseases around the world. We’re also looking to raise funds for Médecins Sans Frontières ( through the sale of this artbook.
But we don’t stop there, because a smaller part of the proceeds will go to help Heroic Publishing ramp up production of new comic books and art books.

This particular art book will be entirely dedicated to the Heroic Publishing’s superheroines (and supervillainesses). We’re going to blow your mind with this gorgeous collectors edition!
Heroic has reached out to some of the most talented artists in the world with this idea:
an art book of female characters to help raise money for a worthy charity, and specifically 
for artists having difficulty with health issues.
We have been blessed and inspired by the support and the generosity of spirit we’ve received from our line up of amazing artists.”
That line up includes:

Tanino Liberatore
Ariel Olivetti
Eduardo Risso
Mark Beachum
Onofrio Catacchio 
Kyu Yong Eom
Emanuele Taglietti 
Don Walker
Alessandro Scacchia 
Paul Abrams
Ulderico Fioretti
Paolo Massagli
Andrew Pepoy 
Giancarlo Caracuzzo 
Beniamino Del Vecchio
Benito Gallego
Conny Valentina 
Uko Smith 
Antonio De Luca 
Andy Smith
Stefania Macera

The artbook will also feature FOREWORDS by Roy Thomas, Steve Perrin, and Dennis Mallonee.


Raise a total of $17,000 to cover the cost of producing and printing
  • 1000 units of a Hardcover premium limited edition art book
Every dollar above that will go
  • 50% to the participating artists, specifically to help those who need help dealing with problems arising from the current global pandemic
  • 30% to Médecins sans frontières, an extremely worthy charitable organization
  • 20% to Heroic Publishing to support future projects

Why Médecins Sans Frontières?

Because it is an association that goes where it is needed. During this pandemic, they are in Europe, Brazil, Africa, Syria, and other countries with great difficulties. And even after this is over, they will be in the front line!

The Time Frame

Many of the participating artists are already working on their contributions. Heroic expects to be able to deliver the finished art book to their printer in late August or early September and to receive the hardbound volumes within one month thereafter.
As soon as the books are received, they will be packaged and ship, including any extra perks you may have requested with your pledge.
Among those extra perks, you could get are ORIGINAL ARTWORK by several of the talented international contributors, or a COMPLETE SET of all 48 issues of the Flare comic book.
So: if you are a fan of comic book artwork that features good girls and bad girls, or if you just want to give back to the artists that inspire us with their dreams, or you’re particularly interested in helping people who help other people, you’ll definitely want to take a look at supporting this project.

For your perusal, this is a sampling of artwork being produced for this artbook, including a few works still in progress.

MURCIELAGA/ SHE-BAT by Ariel Olivetti
JAY-NA The Jungle Queen by Emanuele Taglietti

FLARE by Antonio De Luca
SAVAGE TIGRESS by Conny Valentina
ICICLE by Ulderico Fioretti
TIGRESS by Onofrio Catacchio (work in progress)
JAY-NA The Jungle Queen by Ulderico Fioretti.
LIBERTY GIRL by Alessandro Scacchia (work in progress)
BLACK ENCHANTRESS by Alessandro Scacchia (work in progress)
MIRANDA The Mermaid by Stefania Macera (work in progress)
SYLVIA The Last Vampire by Stefania Macera (work in progress)
FLARE by Stefania Macera (work in progress)

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