The Soul Man Rocky Johnson Biocomic

The Soul Man Rocky Johnson is the true life story of 2008 WWE Hall of Famer Rocky Johnson, a professional wrestler since 1964 and holder of many Heavyweight and Tag Team championships in the National Wrestling Alliance and World Wrestling Federation over the decades. In fact, along with (three-time Mr. USA bodybuilder) Tony Atlas, Rocky was part of The Soul Patrol, the first black tag team to win the WWF Tag Team Championship belts!

Of course, Rocky is also the father of Dwayne THE ROCK Johnson, a WWE wrestling legend in his own right and one of the most prolific action stars in the world of film. But this is Rocky’s story, the tale of a wrestling pioneer and a champion many times over and how he conquered the squared circle and became part of one of the most legendary wrestling families of all time!

Funding now on crowdfunding platform Kickstarteris Rocky Johnson’s authorized comic biography, his story revealed in personal interviews with wrestling historian and Squared Circle Comics writer John Crowther (Squared Circle Comics’ The Genius Lanny Poffo, Nikolai, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Bruno Sammartino and Antarctic Press’ Rochelle, Exciting Comics, andHorror Comics). The entire series is expertly illustrated by comics and animation legend Dell Barras (Conan the Barbarian, Batman, Superman, and many more), with colors by Andrew Pate (The Killer Bees, The Genius Lanny Poffo).

Our one-shot 36-page comic, The Soul Man Rocky Johnson, is available right now on Kickstarter, either digitally or in print and including Kickstarter-Exclusive Rare and Ultra-Rare cover editions!

The direct link to the Kickstarter page is:

Our funding campaign runs through Sunday, November 17, 2019, and offers an array of exclusive rewards, including three cover variants featuring rare championship belt recreations, original art from the comic, opportunities to be drawn into the next issue, and autographed comics, action figures, and trading cards!

Squared Circle Comics is the authorized professional wrestling comics imprint of Inverse Press, LLC. Founded in 2010, Inverse Press crafts independent comics in blended horror and dark science fiction genres and now expands to the world of classic wrestling biographies. We are proud to preserve the legacies of these timeless personalities and their impact on pop culture.

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