The Shield G-Man Club Fanzine #1-3 Celebrates 80 Years of The MLJ / Archie Superheroes!


Title: The Shield G-Man Club Fanzine (Issues 1-3)

Publisher: G-Man Comics

Editor-in-Chief: Rik Offenberger

Editor and Production: Jim Burrows

with: Rik Offenberger, Mike Codey, Jim Burrows, Kevin Moorhead, Lance Jones, Chris Watts, Joe Sewell, Jason Contini, Kevin Noel Olson, Korey Watkins, Daniel St. John, Joe Ahearn, Joeseph Simon, Stephen Lipson, Richard Vasseur, Joseph Kessler Adams and Gary McCullough with stunning covers from Jay Piscopo, Gilbert Monsanto and Greg Agustin.

Price: Digital : FREE / Print $4:12 plus shipping

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Come, celebrate 80 years of the awesome mighty adventures of the MLJ, Archie superheroes.  If you haven’t heard of heroes like the Shield, Steel Sterling, Black Hood, and many others or the hero team The Mighty Crusaders, you might be pretty surprised that these heroes have been around for 80 years! Not only that but their history includes being published by a wide spectrum of companies including DC Comics.  Plus, they’ve been around longer than Marvel and DC Comics (in their Marvel and DC incarnations). 

If, indeed, these heroes are new to you dear review reader, then listen up, The Shield G-Man Club is a great place for you to start finding more about the amazing history of these heroes and these fanzines will give you an insight to the excitement.  If you know about these characters, then you already know the excitement these characters can bring, so strap yourself….these fanzines bring it!

The G-Man Shield Fanzine is brought to you by Rik Offenberger and his group of MLJ / Archie dedicated fans to help celebrate 80 years of these stellar creations!  

Rik, an MLJ / Archie expert aficionado, already has co-written the bible on these companies and their heroes with The MLJ Companion by Rik, Paul Castiglia, and Jon B. Cooke (at the always fantastic TwoMorrows Publishing) and created the website  Rik also brought the G-Man Shield Club that recreates the initial MLJ Fanclub from 1941 (All at the cost of postage to send you the club goodies!). Rik expands on the “fan” in Fanclub and brings back another pillar of our industry’s foundation, the fanzine. 



The fanzine is a magazine written by enthusiasts of a given subject, in this case, our favorite heroes, for fans of those heroes.  

This one is devoted to Shield and his hero friends from the MLJ / Archie universe (plus other comic verses the heroes appeared in ala DC’s Impact line and so on).  

And the fans’ enthusiasm has spoken!  Rik is already assembling the 5th issue of the G-Mans Club Fanzine!

In Addition to that, Rik is releasing the fanzine in print editions (at the cost to print + shipping) and digital (free) exclusively at IndyPlanet!  

In this internet-connected world comic journalism as well as items like fanzines have eased into the digital realm, leaving a sparse few in print.  It’s great to see fanzines back in print form!

As a long time fan of the MLJ / Archie heroes, I am a member of the G Man Fanclub and for full disclosure, I am a contributor to the second issue. You can imagine, I am excited that Rik was releasing these.  

Discover more about your favorite heroes and discover new heroes you might not have uncovered from the MLJ and Archie superheroes. Find out more historical bits to the creators, companies, characters, and teams! Find out more about the Shield G-Man Club you can still join! Find out how other fans discovered these heroes. Discover one fan enviable collection! Find out about the podcasts and films about our favorite heroes and a lot more in the span of these three issues!  



The fanzines celebrate 80 years of history with these heroes. The turnout to be part of the fanzine, the enthusiasm, and passion shown for these heroes throughout the three issues (with more issues forthcoming), the sales and attention all indicate a great interest in these characters, their history, and potential that we all hope will be seen in the future to come.  That is what a great fanzine is all about.

If you are a fan of any of the MLJ / Archie heroes and haven’t downloaded (for free!!!!) or purchased from IndyPlanet, what are you waiting for?  

Fanzines, historically important to the foundation of the comic industry, are meant to be fun, filled with interesting facts about a theme (in this case, the MLJ / Archie superheroes) by people passionate about the theme. The idea is to share our knowledge and love of these characters and by sharing, we create a community and a greater knowledge of what we love! These three issues of The Shield G-Man Club Fanzine do just that. 

If you casually know or are new to these heroes, you may find the love for the heroes shown for these heroes infectious and join the G-Man Fanclub and start collecting the comics themselves. If you do, welcome! 


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