The Sentinels Silver-Age First Issue!!

From the Back Issue Bin of a Parallel Universe comes the first issue in the ostensibly long running series, The Sentinels

The Sentinels 1st Fantastic Issue

What if there had been three large superhero comic publishing companies since the 1940s? DC Comics, Marvel Comics, and Standard Comics. What comics did you miss?

Imagine yourself at the news stand back in 1962 and you see a copy of Standard Comics’ The Sentinels #1!! Well, now you can actually buy a copy!!

The Sentinels’ form in response to the attack on the United Nations Headquarters in New York by the Simian Savant, CYBORILLA!!

Although I’ve been publishing issues of The Sentinels for a while now, they’ve all been set in the Bronze Age of Comics. This time, it’s the team’s “first” appearance — in the Silver Age style!! Featuring a 15-page origin story, plus bonus pages!

In addition to the story, this issue is bursting with extras!! First of all, it’s available in two versions: MINT and VINTAGE. Take your pick (or get both!).

With art by the talented duo of Brendon and Briam Fraim,  and colorist/letterer Fish Lee, this baby should be viewed as the Standard Comics version of Brave and the Bold #28, or The Avengers #1! Or our own Sensational 7 #1.

Sneak Peek

Here’s a look at some of the vintage pages.

Splash Page

Ha ha, I made the Fraims draw the United Nations

Apes! Why does it have to be aaaaaaaapes?

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