The Sentinels 9th Issue Superhero Team Book

The Sentinels’ ( battle with Wilson’s pursuer heats up; UltraMan et al may be nearing the end of their journey – one way or another.

What if there had been three large superhero comic publishing companies since the 1940s? DC Comics, Marvel Comics, and Standard Comics. What comics did you miss?

From the Back Issue Bin of a Parallel Universe, where the heroes of the Golden Age never entered the Public Domain:

If you’re a fan of the George Perez era of the Justice League of America and the Avengers, Paul Levitz and Keith Giffen’s Legion of Superheroes, and Wolfman’s New Teen Titans, you should check out The Sentinels for a Bronze-Age fix.

Combining my own original characters with updated public domain superheroes, this homage to the Bronze Age of comics should satisfy the urge for comics like they used to make.

The Sentinels battle with Khronocide heats up. UltraMan and crew continue their Multiversal journey – but is it ending before he gets what he wants?

Find out in this action-packed 20-page Bronze-Age style comic book, The Sentinels “Time Has Come Today”; a great jumping on point for the series! Art by series regular Fish Lee!

You can also catch up on previous issues as Add-Ons or Reward Tiers!

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