With millions of viewers and die-hard fans, the Cartoon Network phenomenon Rick and Morty is one of television’s most irreverent, whip-smart, and darkly hilarious shows. But how many of Rick’s escapadesturning himself into a pickle, intergalactic travel, and cloning his grandson, to name a few—can be applied to actual scientific theory?

Using the biology, chemistry, and physics from the show, high school science teacher and pop culture writer Matt Brady explores just how close Rick’s many experiments are to becoming a reality in THE SCIENCE OF RICK AND MORTY (10/1/19; Atria).

THE SCIENCE OF RICK AND MORTY equips you with the scientific foundation to understand Rick’s experiments from the show, such as how we can use dark matter and energy, just what is intelligence hacking, and whether or not you can really control a cockroach’s nervous system with your tongue. Perfect for longtime and new fans of the show, this is the ultimate segue into discovering more about our complicated and fascinating universe.

Matt Brady is a high school science teacher and pop culture writer based in North Carolina. Prior to working in education, Brady co-founded and was editor-in-chief of Newsarama, which received the first Eisner Award for Best Comics-related Journalism. Brady is also the founder of The Science Of…, a website that uses pop culture to help us better understand science.

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