The Salvaged She-Newt Issue 6 | 100 Page Special

Celebrating the first year of The Salvaged She-Newt, Issue 6 boasts 100 pages of full color, glossy goodness!

The Salvaged She-Newt follows the adventures of a young, pink meta-human as she struggles to succeed in a world filled with crowdfunded super heroes, giant plant monsters, and bad guys that believe that baked goods make excellent head wear.

The Salvaged She-Newt is a comedy/action title featuring Newt; an agile, strong, smart mouthed young lady that also happens to often conjure a maelstrom of salamanders from thin air and throw them at people. (Yup, you read that right.)

Thanks to the success of The Salvaged She-Newt Volume One Kickstarter campaign, the series has transitioned from black & white Indie comic to a full color, glossy, rectangular Indie comic!

So, back this project and get your dollar’s worth. 100 pages of content! She-Newt! The Unbelievable Bellinghamster! Jelly Fist! Striped Justice! Stealth Cat! Hammer Thyme! First appearances! Last appearances!? Action! Comedy! A clear lack of romance! Amphibian on plant life violence! This issue has it all!

The Salvaged She-Newt Issue 6 features an extended, full color story picking up directly after the events of She-Newt Issue 5.

But, before we get into all the amazing content found within the pages of The Salvaged She-Newt Issue 6, let’s talk about the covers!

To celebrate six issues, The Salvaged She-Newt Issue 6 features six astounding covers along the standard cover.  Choose the cover you like best, as all the alternate cover art is featured inside the issue in a cover gallery!

Cover B by Chris McJunkin

Cover C by Raven Perez

Cover D by Ben Dunn

Cover E by Alice Catrinel’d

Cover F by Scott James

Cover G by Connor Tierney

Along with the longer than normal main story, this installment includes three backup stories. The first two were lovingly created by Indie Comic superstars, Connor Tierney and Chris McJunkin. A third, mystery story by Ken Albery is also included. Who is the mysterious character teaming up with She-Newt and why can’t we say her name here? Back the project and find out!

Alongside the backup stories, the issue also includes character profiles, the return of the Newt Topics letters’ page, a gaggle of pin-up art from a group of exceptional artists, a cover gallery, and an extensive sketchbook section! Read more about the bonus material after gazing upon these lovely sample pages:

Main story page samples by Ken Albery

Back-up story page sample by Connor Tierney

Back-up story art by Chris McJunkin

Issue 6 contains no less than seven character profile pages, providing more information on the characters appearing in issue 6.

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