The Remnant: Distant Thunder #1

Distant Thunder faces deadly challenges that will test him to his very core. What makes a hero?


This action-packed comic starts at 60 and never slows down! Here we will follow Distant Thunder as he will face deadly challenges that will test him to his very core. What makes a hero? Discover in this electrifying two act adventure!

24 Pages – Full Color

Story 1: The Old Spark

Writer: Don PerkEdge Art: Alon Chou Letters: Clem Robins

Distant Thunder (Malcolm Kennedy), with the aid of the golden age hero Man-Of-War, tries to unearth a case of missing children. Only to discover a new foe named Captain Thunder and ascertains something unnerving about his old girlfriend in “The Old Spark.” Written by Donald PerkEdge. With art by Alon Chou (DC animated universe cover artist) and lettering by Clem Robins (veteran comic letter who’s worked at DC, Marvel, Dark Horse, Image, Boom Studios, and every professional comic company under the sun).

Story 2: Lightning Trial

Writer: Don PerkEdge Artist: Bintou Edan Colors: Rich Stahnke Letters: Clem Robins Editor: Keith Champagne

Following the revelations of the first act, Distant Thunder must be helped by South Hawk in rescuing the kidnapped children. But will it be that simple? Soon Distant Thunder discovers new unexpected ordeals and danger in Lightning Trail.


Grok! Comics presents the newest star of THE REMNANT universe; DISTANT THUNDER!

In 2005, 15 year old Malcolm was abducted by a Luciferian cult. The cult held him for 2 days, brutally beating and torturing him. Malcolm in distress did the only thing he knew to do, Malcolm cried out to God for help and deliverance.  There was a heavy thunder in the distance and then God sent a warring angel to free Malcolm. The Angel also delivered a message from God, stating that when he forgave and started praying for his captors, God would reward him with a special Gift. After forgiving his captors he was rewarded with amazing abilities! Taking the name DISTANT THUNDER, he now fights for the oppressed!

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