The Remnant: Black Cobra #1

The Black Cobra made his debut in The Remnant #2. In his first adventure, he battled the evil Nephilim VI, who help him captive and tortured him for weeks.

Black Cobra #1 deals with the aftermath of Black Cobra’s PTSD causing ordeal at the hands of the evil Nephilim VI (The Remnant #2).   These three adventures follow the ebbs and flows of his journey to not only being a better hero but a better man.

24 Pages, Full Color Written by Matthew Jasso!

Part 1: Black Cobra & JaguarLynx’s battle ends with them trapped under a collapsing building leading to heart to heart conversation.
Art by: Luciano Regazzoni Edwin Estrada

Part 2: Weeks after JaguarLynx’s near death experience he struggles to find his place in the world when he gets a visit from an unexpected advocator.

Part 3: Black Cobra gives back to the younger hero community by training Jellybean. They discover a shared past of trauma as they sharpen up their powers.

We are offering a special Extended Edition of Black Cobra #1. This edition contains profiles, the out of print Black Cobra #0, behind the scenes and a bonus story that is only available in this edition! Plus the Coolest cover!

Bonus Story: Resident Hero Specialist, Dr. Sonya Riverdale reviews Black Cobra’s PTSD case in hopes of creating a better recovery program for the hero.
Written by Patrick Daniel Art: Ron Williams

Interior Pages

The soon to come world dictator  Apollyon is on a mission to bring forth the last days before the appointed time. Under a platform of world peace, he uses his position in the United Nations to assemble a team of Super powered warriors to help him achieve his true goal, the destruction of mankind.

The hero  GROK, along with The Apostle John (who is still alive), search out the globe’s greatest heroes to combat the oncoming threat!

Together they will assemble the greatest Superhero force the world has ever seen.

​They are   THE REMNANT!

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