THE RED HOOK x DEAN HASPIEL is now on sale!

A meta-heroic / speculative memoir from Emmy and Ringo award winning creator Dean Haspiel!

THE RED HOOK x DEAN HASPIEL is now available for purchase to anyone living in America.

The Red Hook x Dean Haspiel is the third installment in Haspiel’s “Deep Cut Universe,” a 24-page, black-and-white, limited edition comic book.

New Brooklyn bartender Sam Brosia, aka The Red Hook, faces an existential crisis: is he wearing the superhero mask or is the superhero mask wearing him? Who is Unmarked Bill? And how does Dean Haspiel fit into his own award-winning comix series?

You can purchase the comic book for $20 (includes shipping) via Venmo or PayPal (info below). All books will be signed and mailed as quickly as possible.

If interested in getting Haspiel’s first two “Deep Cut” comix, COVID COP and/or BILLY DOGMA + JANE LEGIT, you can add that to the stash. It’ll cost you $15 for Covid Cop, and $25 for Billy Dogma.

Payment details can be found at THE RED HOOK x DEAN HASPIEL is now on sale! (




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