The PRISM is Matteo De Longis’ Rock & Roll SciFi comic series coming from Ablaze Publishing in October in an extra length first issue.

Ablaze is adding a Rock & Roll Science Fiction comic series, The PRISM, to their eclectic lineup of comics and graphic novels. Creator Matteo De Longis, previously artist of Avengers: The Initiative, Sky Doll Space Ship) takes a far-out premise and builds a visually stunning and convincing new world for this new comic book series that will mesmerize readers, telling the story about man’s greatest feat in space so far. That feat, of course, involves Rock & Roll! And it’s going to save the world! Because, of course, it will! The first issue debuts on October 19th.

“The PRISM” Cover A, Ablaze Publishing

“If you want to want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.” –Nikola Tesla.


Story and art by Matteo De Longis

SRP: $3.99

Available October 18th

Noise pollution is crushing life on Earth. The largest mega-corporation on the planet finances a crazy project called The P.R.I.S.M. (Purifying Recording Interplanetary Space Mission) to combat the phenomenon: sending a musical supergroup into space to record an album that will produce sounds able to push back the threat known as S.O.T.W. (Smoke on the Water) and save the planet. Where rock’n’roll excess and the survival of all life on Earth collide, there is…THE PRISM!

Catch the expanded 40-page debut issue at the standard 32-page price.

Four variant covers of Issue 1 will be available by artists including Matteo De LongisFrancesco TomaselliGuillaume Martinez, and Carlos Nieto (“Metallica: Ride the Lightning” Album Homage Cover).

“The PRISM” Cover B, Ablaze Publishing

“People kept asking me when I would finally tackle a long, sprawling story, and it only took me a decade to gear up for The PRISM. I am having the time of my life creating this series,” said. Matteo De Longis.

“The PRISM” Cover C, Ablaze Publishing

“When Matteo first pitched The PRISM to us, our heads were spinning from the complexity of it all. It still does but to a different rhythm with every chapter of the story. That’s a good sign,” adds Michele Foschini, Series Editor.

“The PRISM” Cover D, Ablaze Publishing

The PRISM grabbed me from the moment I laid eyes on it and still hasn’t let go. I’m looking forward to sharing it as I think it’s going to have the same effect on a lot of other people!” said Rich YoungABLAZE Co-Founder/Publisher.

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