THE PHILOSOPHY OF SPIDER-MAN – exclusive preview page

Swing into the marvellous mayhem of Spider-Man’s thoughts, wise-cracks, and web-fuelled wisdom! A lavish collection of everything that makes Spidey tick.
Is your spider-sense tingling? This wonderful little book reveals all the quirks and quick-wittedness that the scarlet spider revels in and dispels it for your pleasure!
How funny is Peter Parker really? How does he cope with J. Jonah Jameson’s incessant barking? Is an upside-down kiss as easy as it looks? All this and more as the mind of the most popular superhero of recent history is unwebbed!
With great power comes a great number of jokes, jibes and jovial wordplay as you delve into some of Spider-Man’s most comedic comic book moments, laudable cover art, and pure Spidey-(non)sense.

Titan Comics
Softcover, 128pp, $14.99
On sale December 2020
ISBN: 9781787735361

People don’t think of Spider-Man as a Philosophy. They remember “With great power comes great responsibility” but that just scratches the surface of who and what Peter Parker is all about. In this book, you will discover what it means to live a heroic lifestyle. It’s a must have for all true Spider-Man fans.

Personally, I always liked it when J. Jonah Jameson and Spider-Man get into it.

exclusive preview page

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