The high-octane sci-fi/action series returns at Silverline Comics!

Silverline Comics, the publisher that brought you high-quality comic book adventures including Cat & Mouse, Kayless, Divinity, Demon’s Tails, Friar Rush, Twilight Grimm, and more, proudly announces the launch of the second issue of its sci-fi/action comic series, The Obsoletes.

“I’m so excited to launch the second issue of The Obsoletes,” said series writer and letterer Wes Locher. “This installment has beautiful spaceships, cool tech, creepy aliens, and wonderful characterization. I hope readers are ready for this breathless, fast-paced issue filled with exciting twists and turns.”

Building the futuristic and fantastic sci-fi world of The Obsoletes alongside Locher are penciler Aaron Humphres, inker Jose Fuentes, and colorist Haley Martin.

“On its surface, The Obsoletes shares was inspired by sci-fi classics such as Aliens, or Starship Troopers,” Locher said, “but below the surface, it’s a story about family—in whatever form that may take.”

“I’m a big fan of science-fiction,” said Roland Mann, Head Honcho at Silverline Comics. “The Obsoletes team delivers sci-fi that can be enjoyed by everyone!”

When a group of grizzled intergalactic prospectors are accidentally thrust 20 years into the future, they’re faced with a very different reality. The world they knew is unrecognizable and their profession has changed, becoming more deadly than ever. But rather than ride off into retirement, the crew of roughnecks sets out to prove that they’re still the best in the game… even if they are a little obsolete. When issue two picks up, the out-of-time crew goes head-to-head with a group of young, tech-savvy upstarts as they compete for a lucrative contract. But as both crews lie, cheat, and steal in an effort to come out on top, a dangerous alien species adds chaos to the mix.

The Obsoletes #2 (of 4) is live on Kickstarter alongside Pendulum (RemiX) #1 by John Drury (writer/penciler), Ted Slampyak (inker/letterer), and Roberta Conroy (colorist). For more information, or to back these action-packed projects, visit

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