The Name is Vitulina, Phoca Vitulina … Spy Seal #1


Spy Seal #1 Cover
Spy Seal #1 Cover

Spy Seal … okay … a seal, that is also a spy? Sure, why not? Cartoonist Rich Tommaso has produced some great comics like Dark Corridor and She Wolf but this time around his focus is on a character he created way back when he was thirteen. When the book was first announced Spy Seal fandom erupted with a viral enthusiasm that was hard to ignore. Cosplay, film rights interest, fan art on the Internet. It all came fast and furious. Now the ongoing comic published by Image is just around the corner.

Spy Seal #1 Interior Page
Spy Seal #1 Interior Page

Spy Seal features the adventures of Malcolm Warner, Britain’s newest covert agent as he becomes embroiled in the spy game’s constant barrage of intrigue and adventure. The book starts with Malcom and his companion, Sylvia attending an art show. At the show Malcom meets a “big, voluptuous bunny”, much to Sylvia’s chagrin, and the spycraft starts in earnest.

Rich Tommaso is a one man show on this project doing all the art and writing. Intentionally influenced by the Belgium comics of the mid-1900’s you definitely see the love Rich has for comics like Hergé’s Tintin. Each character is a different species of anthropomorphic animal with seals, bunnies, chickens, monkeys and dogs. The flat colouring really creates a unique comic as opposed to all the heavily colour-shaded styles currently popular. And a mountain of speech bubbles! The dialog is pretty thick in most panels so there is a tonne of story in the 17 pages of the main feature. The backup story features Ninja Fukuroh by Joey Weiser all about a ninja owl, again, why not?

If you want a fun comic book that is a bit more literary that your average book yet light and fun then Spy Seal is right up your alley.

Issue: Spy Seal #1 | Publisher: Image Comics
Written by: Rich Tommaso | Art by: Rich Tommaso
Letters by: Rich Tommaso
Price: $3.99 – 32 pages

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