The Most Famous Baccarat Games Players

Baccarat is one of the oldest card games, which allows millions of dollars to change hands in a very short period of time. Players who played it over the years and have lost and won in such huge amounts deserve to enter the Baccarat Hall of Fame. Below, you will find a list of the most famous Baccarat players and brief information about their achievements. But before we start, if you want to play Baccarat, we recommend you to do this using a casino bonus. At address, you can see a complete list of bonuses you can use to play Baccarat. Without further due, let’s take a look at our Baccarat legends list.

Akio “The Warrior” Kashiwagi. The reason why Mr. Kashiwagi is known as “warrior” is that he placed a minimum of $ 100,000 bet to play Baccarat. In fact, he was a real estate agent from Tokyo, but he played baccarat in casinos for his entire life and lost millions of dollars. Of course, he won millions of dollars too! What made him famous was his last Baccarat game in a casino in Atlantic City. In this game, Kashiwagi began playing with a $ 12 million initial budget. Before he started, he made a promise: “I’ll play until I lose all of that money or double it”. The game lasted for hours, and Kashiwagi managed to earn $ 7 million towards the middle. However, he lost $ 9 million immediately afterward. He couldn’t pay his debt. Shortly after, he was found dead in his house. He was wounded 150 times with a sword. It was alleged that Yakuza planned his murder, but this was never proved.

Phil Ivey. You may remember Phil Ivey from the World Series of Poker tournaments: He is a professional poker player and has won many tournaments. But Mr. Ivey is also interested in Baccarat too. In fact, he earned far more in Baccarat than poker! In 2012, Mr. Ivey visited Borgata Casino in Atlantic City and wanted to play at a private table as he did before. Borgata knew Ivey well and welcomed him many times before. Mr. Ivey had a special request each time: To use “Gemaco Borgata” branded cards. These were the official card deck of the casino. Baccarat players are known for their superstition, so the casino had always fulfilled this request. So they saw no reason to decline this request. Ivey started playing with the card deck of his choice. This time, however, he earned $ 9.6 million! Borgata did not pay and claimed that Ivey was cheating. In the court, Ivey agreed that he had studied the Gemaco Borgata branded cards for several weeks, and then managed to identify the cards by memorizing the printing errors behind them. Borgata won the court and Ivey paid back the 9.6 million dollars.

Henry Tamburin. Tamburin was not a gambler. He was a chemistry professor at the University of Maryland. He had a profound knowledge of mathematics and was always interested in probability calculations. In the ’60s, he visited Las Vegas and decided to play Baccarat. He thought he could win by calculating the odds. He lost more than $ 100,000. However, he was not disappointed: He devoted the rest of his life to “learn” Baccarat and calculating mathematical odds of the game. He won many Baccarat tournaments and wrote more than 10 books on this game. He currently lives in Las Vegas and has a TV show with his own name.

Frank Scoblete. The reason why Scoblete is famous is not the successes he achieved in the Baccarat game. He is known as the person who has done most of the research about Baccarat and has written the most books. Mr. Scoblette has written more than 20 Baccarat books to date, and some have entered the Best Seller charts. He is the inventor of most of the existing Baccarat strategies too. He is currently one of the oldest living Baccarat experts and spends her days by roaming through the states giving seminars on gambling. He also owns a publishing house called Paone Press and publishes his books from here. If you really want to learn something about Baccarat, you should read Scoblete’s books.

James Bond. We owe the success of Baccarat to James Bond. The first actor to play Baccarat in a movie was Sean Connery. Thanks to him, the whole world learned about the existence of this game. If Baccarat is currently one of the most popular card games in the casinos, this is because how cool Mr. Connery looked while playing it. The second actor to play Baccarat was Daniel Craig. In the reboot movie Casino Royale, he played Baccarat against the villain and won. James Bond has also played other card games, but Baccarat was always his first choice.

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