The monumental fourth issue of AC’s FULL COLOR Femforce support title, SUPERBABES; will be rocketing toward your comics retailer in May, 2020!!

The FF’s alien member, STARDUST has been inexorably linked to her native Rurian nemesis PROXIMA since long before she gained her spectacular stellar powers. Disgraced and banished to Earth some years ago, PROXIMA returns this issue with a bold plan to trick the FEMFORCE into conquering a planet for her, with the idea that presenting it to the Rurian high command as a new addition to the Rurian empire will get her back into the good graces of the empire’s hierarchy. Only help from a VERY unexpected source may allow the FEMFORCE to prevail.

Script will be by Stephanie Heike, with art by Mark and Stephanie Heike.
The AC Comics color line continues to gain momentum, taking the FEMFORCE franchise to new heights of chromatic glory, month by month.

Be sure to tell your retailer to order SUPERBABES#4 from the March 2020 issue of Diamond’s Previews catalog, for items shipping in May 2020. SUPERBABES #4- great “good girl” art, humor, intrigue and superheroic action in offbeat stories in FULL COLOR, digitally printed on glossy stock, for $5.95, from AC Comics.

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