The Misadventures of The Meteorette Episode 1: The first full comic strip I’ve ever drawn.

Here it is! The Misadventures of The Meteorette 001! The first full comic strip I’ve ever drawn.
I feel like I’m naked here. I’ve lived with these characters in my head for 10 years. 10 years of character designs, backstory, and world-building. A 4th of my life. It’s no small thing for me to say I love The Meteorette like a daughter and I’m terrified showing her to the world. Artists, right?
I had the thought of doing it as a webcomic or old school comic strip a few years back. From that point, it was always going to be this joke, and some of you may recognize it. It was very important to me to do this strip on a physical board with hand-lettering doing everything as old school as possible. Future strips may be marker colored, computer colored, computer lettered, etc. But this one was done all by hand, save for some computer clean up after scanning, as closely as to what Charles M Schulz would have done in 1950 with the first Peanuts strip. I would have never picked up a drawing Pencil without Peanuts, so I start The Misadventures of The Meteorette as an homage.
Where from here? Probably back to the beginning. Actually a story in order. This strip is very much out of order, as the two villains pictured take some time to show up in the story. So future strips will go back to Megan Shuster becoming The Meteorette.
So let me hear from you, do you want to see more?

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