The Mighty KAAW The Crowmagnon!

KAAW Issue 1 Cover A By Fish Lee


KAAW Issue 1 Cover B By Lee Gaston


On the Avian home world of Zion, the Crowmagnons are enslaved by their more technologically evolved masters. Their mighty wings are shackled to hobble them and keep them docile and prevent rebellion.

Those deemed too stupid or feral to serve as slaves are fed into the meat grinder that is the Avian Arenas to fight and die for the entertainment of the masses… the most powerful and deadly of these warriors is known galaxy wide as The Mighty KAAW!

This quick-paced, pulse-pounding, full-color, 16-page, PG-13 comic is a love letter to all the things I love that inspired my imagination as a kid…He-Man, Thundercats, Star Wars, the old Flash Gordon serials… All the things that lit a fire in my soul playing in the backyard, that continues to burn to this day. I’m keeping the books short and action-packed, so I can get them out to backers quickly, at a more affordable price, more often!

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