The Masters comic book Kickstarter

The Masters Issue 1 Cover A

Look at this line-up of artists:  Ramona Fradon, Pablo Marcos, Tom Palmer, Romeo Tanghal, Bob Hall, Mike Grell, Alan Weiss, Mike Vosburg, Joe Staton, Al Milgrom, Val Mayerik, Arvell Jones, Alex Saviuk, Ron Wilson, Mike Gustovich, Pat Broderick, Bob Budiansky, Kerryl Gammill, Joe Rubinstein,  Chuck Patton, Tom Grummett, Mark Pennington, Bart Sears, Steven Butler, Mort Todd, Mike Lilly, Andrew Pepoy Bob Almond, Tom Mogan, Geof Isherwood, Darryl Banks, Art Baltazar, Robb Epps, Darryl Young, Luke Daab, Joe Wos, Stephane Roux, Dakota Alexander, and David Perrin.

It is a five-issue series and here is a quick summary…

A team of super-powered super villains, each whose identity is inspired by a famous 20th-century artist, come together at the behest of an unidentified benefactor. All being master artists as well as master thieves, this benefactor dubs this new supervillain team, The Masters, and contracts them to steal five very specific portrait paintings from around the world. The paintings individually hold insignificant value, but collectively they are priceless to the benefactor who plans to use their power and influence to perpetuate a scheme only known to him.

Standing in their way, though, is a team of Golden Age superheroes led by Black Owl and including Arrow, Airman, Plymo the Rubber Man, Fly-Man, and Twister. Together they form The Power Corps and are dedicated to foiling The Masters’ evil plan.

Who is this unknown benefactor? Why does the benefactor need these specific paintings to carry out his ultimate plan? How can The Power Corps stop The Masters? All will be revealed in the upcoming five-issue series: The Masters.

This comic book series and Kickstarter rewards are chock full of Bronze Age goodness.  And, reward levels start at ONLY $10 for a digital download and go all the way up to $2,000 for various pieces of ORIGINAL ART from some of your favorite comic book artists!

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