The MASTERS Campaign #2!

To make up for lost time, we are consolidating the next four campaigns into two and offering two issues on each campaign; plus so much more! This campaign is for issues 2 and 3.

In issues 2 and 3, you will meet our main protagonist and leader of our team: The Black Owl!

The format and style of The Masters Issues 2 and 3 continue its homage to the Bronze Age comic book series The Brave and The Bold drawn so beautifully for nearly 100 issues by legendary DC Comics artist Jim Aparo.

And, as in The Brave and The Bold, each villain is confronted by the main hero (in this case a re-imagined, modernized version of the Golden Age public domain character, the Black Owl) along with a fellow guest hero from the Golden Age of Comics (who has also been re-imagined and modernized).

We have once again assembled a multitude of talent.

Issue #2 features stories written by Austin Hough and illustrated by Tom Morgan, Bod Almond, Al Milgrom, David Perrin, Mort Todd, Robb Epps, David Ocampo, Greg LaRocque, and Joe Rubinstein.

Issue #3 features stories written by Austin Hough and illustrated by Mike Vosburg, Ron Wilson, Mike Gustovich, Joe Rubinstein, Alex Saviuk, Al Milgrom, and Mort Todd.

Please join us on November 22, 2022 at 12PM EST for the launch of Campaign 2!

Campaign 2 will run till December 15, 2022.

In addition, we are launching a Facebook Group called Power Comics! Which is open to all our fans to join and have open discussions about everything Masters and Power Comics related.  In addition a number of our creators will be participating in those conversations, so join the group, get your questions ready, and have some fun.


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