“The Many Lives of Bob Howard” by KG McAbee and John Kirsch

Prolific authors Gail McAbee and Jon Kirsch have written an homage to the legendary American author Robert E. Howard in which he has an adventure fighting beside pastiches of some of his own creations.  It is a delightful and exciting romp with well developed characters interacting with their own creator.  This is a book that every RE Howard fan MUST read!

Gail and Jon have written a lot in the SciFi, Fantasy, Horror, and Pulp genres and it is well worth checking out their respective oeuvres.

J. Kirsch is a dachshund-owning dog lover, world traveler, and fanboy in the best sense of the word. When he is not binge-watching episodes of Orphan Black, Wolfblood, or Babylon 5, he can be found reading or typing up his next book, possibly at a café near you. J. Kirsch writes fantasy, paranormal, science fiction, and new adult fiction. He can be reached at jon.kirsch@gmail.com.

K.G. McAbee loves—and thus, naturally, writes—pulp, fantasy, science fiction, horror, mystery, and steampunk. She is commanded by two dogs and lives in a 200-year-old haunted cabin in South Carolina, where she eats tomatoes every day and injects sweet tea directly into her veins. She’s had lots of books and stories published and is working on more. Feel free to email her at kgmcabee@gmail.com or visit her website at kgmcabeebooks.com

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