The Long-Awaited Project: HOMELAND #1 Released!

The 44 page Project: HOMELAND #1 arrived for sale on the holiday on July 1st.  This series chronicles the adventures of the brave men & women of America’s covert Project: Homeland Program and their struggle as America’s frontline defense against all enemies – foreign, domestic, and superhuman!

This special extended comic features the aftermath of the events of Pandemonium: Evil Incarnate and Champions of Hope shown on America in the “Resolve” story by superstar artist Bart Sears & Ominious Studios. In “Ground Zero”, the origins of the hero Triumph and Project: Homeland are told and the back-up tale “Gods & Monsters” features Reaper and members of the Section 8 team on a covert mission to take down a drug cartel.

Created by Tony Kittrell, J.Scott Webb, Bart Sears, Ominous Studios, Austin Brooks, Florentino Cuevas, Oliver Tria, Rachel LaChance, Raphael Kazeem, Martin Blanco, Mindy Lopkin and Shawn DePasquale.  Cover Art by Dino Agor and Vince White.

Project: HOMELAND #1 is available at the Advent Comics website (,, IndyPlanet and Kindle.

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