The Linkages Between Comics, Cartoons, and the Casino

The online casino has become a major player in the media and entertainment space and there are several interesting linkages between this form of entertainment and our popular comics and cartoons. Just as mainstream movies draw inspiration from the casino, so too has the online casino drawn inspiration and ideas from the world of adult or mature-themed comics and cartoons.

The Slot Machine Characters

Comic book-themed online slots have always been a feature of any online casino games. Batman has always been a firm favorite and he still is. However, the range has grown and you will generally be able to find a slot machine based on several popular cartoon and comic book characters. Pink Panther, American Dad, Rick and Morty, and Family Guy are the ones that have become increasingly popular in recent times. The most played current slots are those based on anime and even the pachinko slots, which have a specific form of eastern animation, have become a popular pastime around the world.

Graphics and Animation

The graphics required for good animation in comics and cartoons is the same skill required to design and ensure a great range of motion and animation in the online slots. 3D animation is also now widely used in the casino games that we play, and this has been key to making them immersive and engaging. The Microgaming Hellboy and Jurassic Park games are great examples of the 3D casino games that have become to signify the best of online slots. It’s a linkage that is seen in the design and art industry in that the same artists involved in multimedia cartoons and comics are also involved in the design and animation of online casino games.

Immersion and Engagement

Both cartoons and comics and the online casino games that we play are expected to immerse and entertain the viewer, gamer, player, or reader. Some may argue that it’s the live games that provide the best game immersion, but we are all different and for many, the animated games and graphics are found most immersive and engaging. A game that is both related to comics and cartoons and is known as one of the best immersive games is Net Ent’s Jumanji.


There is an ongoing argument in gaming circles that states how modern casino games present a nostalgic glimpse at the player’s past. The games are not too complicated and are premised on fast repetitive play and the chance of a win. Sound familiar? It’s the same recipe for hours of entertainment that mature players would have experienced in any number of the games played in their youth.

This article has considered how intertwined and interconnected our modern-day entertainment has become. The adult or mature cartoon or comic book has seen a considerable crossover with the online casino games that have become popular. It is a marriage made in heaven and one that is long going to continue. It could be worth trying if you’re looking for some entertainment.

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