The Legend of Bruno Sammartino Comes to Comics!

Bruno Sammartino – one of the all-time greats in the storied history of professional wrestling – and, sadly, one of many crushing losses we fans and the wrestling industry have suffered in 2018…

Before his untimely passing, Bruno approached Squared Circle Comics about preserving his legacy in comic book form and completed interviews with writer and wrestling historian, John Crowther. From those in-depth discussions with the man himself, John crafted scripts for the comics.

Now, illustrated by Marvel & DC Comics veteran Rich Perotta, the first issue of Bruno’s comic series is READY.

Bruno Sammartino is the authorized comic biography of perhaps the most renowned professional wrestler in the history of the industry. Holder of the WWWF Heavyweight Title for unparalleled runs from 1963-1971 and from 1973-1976, Bruno was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2013 and claims a string of simply amazing sell-outs of the famous Madison Square Garden in New York City in the 1970’s.

This comic series tells all those stories, but many more, including his family’s plight in, and escape from, fascist Italy during the second World War and the barriers Bruno faced upon arriving to the United States and the ways he used body-building, weight-lifting, and wrestling to overcome them! Oh, yes, and there was that time he wrestled an orangutan…

Join us THIS SUNDAY, August 19, at Noon Central Time, as we make this incredible story available to all of Bruno’s fans worldwide! And be prepared for some hard choices, as the sheer variety of unique rewards may overwhelm you! Original art from the comics, unique covers featuring original art sketches of legendary career moments, items autographed by Bruno during his many appearances over the years, classic wrestling magazines featuring stories on Bruno, and the opportunity to appear in future issues of the comics as a guest character featuring your likeness!

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