The Jamie Coville Experience: Toronto Comics Arts Festival – Creators for Creators

Creators for Creators (45:17, 41.4mb)
Nick Dragotta and David Brothers talked about their new Creators for
 charity designed to give new creators $30,000 to produce creator-owned work.
They talked about why they created this award, being inspired by the Peter Laird’s Xeric grant, their submission process, they spoke about last year’s winner and how they are now being published by Fantagraphics, that they have several publishers willing to publish their winners, they announced who won the 2nd year’s grant and showed their work, they spoke about growing and how they want to have more than 1 winner, what they are doing to help ‘finalists’ of sorts in terms of pairing up really good creators with publishers, how they are providing mentoring to the winners based on their needs, Nick spoke about his own path through Marvel and how publishing via Image taught him about how much it costs to produce comics and what his worth is as a creator, they also mentioned that Spike C. Trotman is a big part of this endeavor. They also said they’d like to pair up this award with TCAF in terms of making future winning announcements here, giving the creators a spotlight panel and more.

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