The Jamie Coville Experience: SDCC – CBLDF – The Trials of Underground Comix

CBLDF – The Trials of Underground Comix (49:01, 44.8mb)
Moderated by Charles Brownstein the panelists were Robert Williams, Joyce Farmer and Ron Turner. Charles began by giving a brief overview of the censorship of EC Comics and the Comics Code Authority. Robert Williams spoke about psychedelic poster artists who were all EC Comics fans, he also spoke about the drug culture starting in the 1950s and the ‘beat’ culture. Ron continued on with history of how the beat culture connected to the origins of underground comics. Joyce spoke about her personal experience of getting married, having a child, getting a driver’s license, then divorcing her husband, Richard and Ron told a funny story about Feltch comics going missing causing a obscenity case to be dismissed, they also spoke about Zap Comics #4 being busted for obscenity and how that affected the comics industry.

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