The Jamie Coville Experience: TCAF Hidden Histories

Hidden Histories
Dale Jacobs did the introductions. Heidi Jacobs, Scott Chantler, Gord Hill and James Davidge took turns speaking about their books. Heidi spoke about getting a large amount of information on Wilfred ‘Boomer’ Hardling and the 1934 Chatham Coloured All-Stars baseball team. It came from a family member for the purpose of digitizing it and making it available online. The family member had also suggested they turn it into a comic book. Scott Chantler happily spoke about having all that research to draw from and creating a comic from it. Gord Hill talked about his work on the history of Indigenous peoples of Canada, their resistance and other resistance movements he is a part of. James Davidge then talked about his book 1st Legion of Utopia on the founding of the CCF political party (today called the NDP) and how the people within the story connects to a variety of other significant movements in Canada’s history.

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